The more – 27-

I was reading that latest report of B&B, the more i wanted go to see that unknown building in that part of the city that i never have visited, but from what by men had described was very close to the striptease club. Maybe it was hidden by other building and i never noticed it.
And that was been the last report of Billy&Bob, but as always at end report there was a hand note in which they have warning what time they have would begin the surveillance, but that report have been their last one, because they no longer got back.

I have read another time the last lines of that report and i have taken note of the adress and for check better where it was i have taking the street map in your desk drawer, i turned on the lamp, and follow Main street i had to follow some inner small streets and after a couple junctions i have found myself in front to the building. I have hold back the breathe and with a red pencil i have drawn a red cross on that street map, as if it was the map of the treasure of  Stevenson’s book.
Uncovered that important information, i have studied deeper the path that i had to do, thinking to  you, thinking how much stupid i have been. There was a valid reason of your desire to break with me. 
Instead to cry like a teenager, i had to go deeper. You had left me all the tracks, and i who had hired my men, i had to only read deeper and with careful one by one the report that they had left me on the desk, and leave my feelings apart.
“That’s what i had to do!”

But now there were no  discrimination. Now i had to follow those crumbs and find you. 
I wanted go to the striptease club to warn everybody that i was back, but looking at the small clock on my desk, it was late even for a phone call, and i could not even call Michelle. She had not a phone, and go out  it wasn’t a good  idea, even if my irrational part wanted to do it so much, but without a plan it was only a craziness of a girl who wanted redeem herself, but looking at those two picture of you, i have promise myself that it would be the first thing i would do next morning it was checked that zone marked in red on the street map and see what it was the building described in the B&B report.

It was passed midnight, and i was still on those report and ocassionally i threw a glance  toward the street map.
I had said myself to stay in the office and rest, but now that i knew you have could stay a few kilometres from me, my irrational part have won, even on the tiredness, and i have decided to take a glimpse even from far at that building. 
I have would not slept not even if  if they had knocked me out. 
I had the adrenaline that was running fast in my veins, so i have taken my raincoat, and i have came out. 
It was useless say that i had the heart that was beating like a crazy, and i could feel it pulsing in my head, and i had already memorized the street to do, when i would have came out. 

During those hours of the night, that city seemed  another one, and those few creatures were walking like zombies with no a destination in the middle of the street with traffics light off. 
They seemed there only to painting the city like the scariest, and uncourage the inhabitants like me who wanted make a nocturnal walk.

I had exceeded the striptease all turn off, when i turned and i have seen one of those creatures came toward me. 
He seemed have followed me, but when i have hid just behind one of othe wall of the striptease, i have noticed that he didn’t not even taken me in cosideration, and with the heart in throat i have looked ahead, and what i have saw were only two small streets to reach the red cross on the map.
Reprised from the scare, i have forwarded myself inside those dark alleyways, and arrived at end, i have found myself infront a dark enormous building with a big closed door, but from its up extremity, i have could see a pale lite. 
I have supposed that there were someone inside. 
From far i have could hear feeble voice of at least three creatures.
I have waited for hear your voice, but it have been useless, but i was sure you was there. 

I would wanted remain there to discover something else, but i knew it was dangerous. Throwing away all the air from the lungs, i have moved away. Before turn the corner, i have stopped and i have looked at that part thinking much to you and with some tears that were rolling from my face, i got backward.
I had to rest and organize myself, and for sure now i had not do all alone.
It was time to call someone more equipped than me.”


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