Here you are

With your closeness that is wrapping my being, and make feel so close to you despite our real distance. 
I’m throw away all the air from the lungs, because i’m feeling the soft punch in the stomach make itself always more stronger.

That sweet glance is the most beautiful that i ever seen in a man. 
I’m biting my lips, because im feeling soft words  that arrive directly to my heart, and you revolutionizing my being, and everything starts always at the same way, and it’s so wonderful. 
Your arms around my belly and our connection begin.

Even if we are in different continent, it’s enough that one of us starts to think to the other, and the magic is accomplish and Our Parallel World is open, and everything float around us, and our emotions are the vital fluid of everything what we feeling.

I feeling you are tightening me more to you, and our foreheads touching, i feeling you hand caressing my face. I dive myself into your eyes, and delicately i touch your tiny mole.
You whisper my name.


Listen to it🔉⤵

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