Came out -26-

From that bathroom that usually we had used rarely to take a shower, i felt much better. 
I didn’t have realized how much sand and dust i have collected till i saw the water running away from the drain hole, and only staring at straight into the mirrow, i had noticed that my look didn’t got better, on the contrary i seemed worse than when i entered in the shower.

Looking at me inside that small mirrow i have decided to stay in the office resting myself and revisioning all B&B reports. I was conviced that even Billy&Bob were been kidnapped by the same creatures who had taken you.
Wrapping my naked body by a big a soft white towel, i went at my desk, and i reprised the reports that i hadn’t ended read, not before to have take the two pictures of you  inside of the raincoat, but beside those images, i have pulled out the business card of the striptease club, and going at the desk, i have stared it for a while.
In my mind have resounded the Cyclope voice that was saying me: “For everything you can call!” or it was Michelle, i didn’t remember. In my mind were alot thoughts and informations that were chasing each other so quickly that even the simpliest of the phrase i  wasn’t able to link it with the right creature. 
But however, someone of them have gave me it saying it.

It were a couple of days that my friends hadn’t my news, and i knew that they were worry, above all Michelle. 
Already, i have imagined her asking information to Cyclope who was him who was taking the reservations and it was him who answering to the phone calls, having the only phone on his counter.

Drying my hair with the towel have decided call them, and make them know that i was ok, and i had some news, but before to call them, i wanted take  time for me, even if time there was no longer. 
I had to only clarify on what do next.

Even the only fact stay in the office, in a familiar environment, it have helped me, even if in some ways i was miss much Pepe and his dog, of which i didn’t ever asked what was his name.
Thinking about Pepe ‘s glance i was moved  once again, and my eyes got wet once again, but this time i held back myself, and throwing away the air from the lungs, i went in bathroom and i changed.

Got back in the room, have sat, and seriousely i have read those reports. I was looking for some details that before i have considered useless, but B&B were taking notes even how many cigarettes you had smoke, and now even that particular could be rilevant.  
I knew you enough well and i knew that when you was close to solve even the smallest mistery, the cigarettes flew away like fly, and from those reports, each day your cigarette consumption increased. 

From that smallest particular, i have realized that you had approached very much to that conclusion that i uncovered few hours ago.
You didn’t have never smoke much, but when you was anxious for something, you was able to take two puffs and discard the cigarette as soon turned on, and from the report of my men, everywhere you went there were track of your passage.
But your last track have lost itself in front of a macabre building at the opposite side of that desertic zone.
And i have immediately thought that that notes that Michelle had found in that book, it have been you have put it, during your passage throught the city, while i was at the striptease club, looking for to understand better your decision to break with me, and only in those seconds, i have wanted see which book was.

I had my head that was turning like a spinning top, and only when i checked in which book you have put that note, i remaind breathless. 
It was the book that usually you was read me when at end of the day, i wanted hear your wonderful voice and going everywhere with fantasy.
I have stared it so long, that i had lost the conception of the time, and everything was starting going turning slow, and my heart have began to beat strong.
I have throw all the air from the lungs, and now i wanted only find you.”


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