With his -25-

Cup of coffee in his hands, Pepe was listening to me, almost dazed, and slowly was understand that, the more i was sit there, the more i was wasting time, and he was comprehending that it was a serious thing.
“Raze to the ground a whole city, it’s a craziness.” he was thinking aloud. 

I was looking at him, almost relief that he was not living in that city. I have throw away all the air from the lungs, looking at me around the desertic landscape, and i have shyly smiled with a sad glance, after have  given him my empty cup of coffee, i  got up, taking all my notes, i have started to salute his dog that have wagging his tail and he have lick my hand. We have looked at each other in silent, and slowly i have moved away from the veranda. 
His big dark eyes have stared at me, maybe for the latest time, and first the very first time i have saw those eyes ouf of their eyes socket getting wet.
I didn’t have wanted added nothing else beyond those big emotions that we both were feeling.

How i would wanted take him with me, but it was better that he remained were he was. Maybe, for as the things should be went, that desert zone was the safest place of that city.
So, when the dog have came closer to me, i have bended toward him and caressing him, i have said him: ” I reccomend me to you, be careful to Pepe, and above all to the homeless.”
When i got up, the Pepe’s glance was straight into mine, and a small tear was rolling from his brownish face.
We have only nodded and he have seen me taking the way of return.

His dog have accompanied me till that invisible borderline, and only when i have realized that he have stopped, i have turned me around and i have shared a swet glance with that dog that in his barking seemed me say me: “Even you be careful!”.  
I had the heart in throat. When i have reprised my walk, looking at straight, my view have become bleary. 
I had resisted till now, but now that nobody couldn’t see me, even my eyes got wet, and at the contrary of Pepe, i have cried freely.
I don’t know why i was fonded very much to Pepe. From that strange voice at telephone that have said me that you have not got back in motel to the desire to brought him away, from that zone, the step have been one of the shortest.

I have turned myself once again toward that borderline, but by now, everything was vanished, and of that desertic zone, were remained the warm waves at the horizon.
Slowly, i have turned toward that city of which i have could seen one of the first forsaken building. 
I have lift up the collar of the raincoat and i have forwarded myself inside that oblivious city of the destiny that one and only creature had in mind to reserve it.

Going ahead, i have met the first creatures who have looked at me, as if i was came out from the afterworld, on the other hand, as Pepe had noticed, i had not a nice look.
I had to realize by myself if i had to take a shower, or settle me better.
I have stopped in front of a shopwindow, and what i have seen have scared me. 
I could have been mistaken for a zombie, and for sure, if i was entered in the striptease, not even Cyclope or Yvonne, but above all Michelle have would not me be recognized.

I have shaked the head and what it have came out from the hair it was only a minimal part of sand, merged with dust that i had collected during that stay under the bridge, in motel i had no thought to take a shower: i had many thoughts that were running in mind. 
Shaking my hair, i have shyly laughed, thinking to Pepe when he would went in that room to clean it. 
Giving me a better settled, i have thought to go the agency first to change, and collect other material before to go the striptease club and tell what i knew.

Only when i have entered in agency, and i have opened the door of my office, you got back in my mind, and pulling out that picutre that homeless have gave me and i no longer gave back it to him, i have stared it, losing myself into your blue eyes, and  soft touching that your tiny mole, i have said you that i would have find very soon.”


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