I have started to feel the soft punch in the stomach, and some eletric shock crossing my mind, and when i seen this picture, seen your sweet glance, my heart has begin beating strong. 

My hands have begin shake, and now i can’t stick off my gaze from you.
I have throw away all the air from the lungs. 
I can perceive your arms around my belly tightening me strong against your chest, and i can perceive you calling my name from far.

From two days i feel your magical closeness… and i know that you feel something, and everything this is so wonderful.
Our Parallel World is linking us always more, each day, and we feel it. 
Our closeness is always stronger.
When happen i’m feel so alive and everyhting thank to you. 

When i lose myself into your eyes, everything become light, and when i feel you close to me, everything and everybody vanish. 
Exist only us, our feelings and we are inside Our Parallel World.


Listen to it🔉⤵

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