I begin feel your closeness, it’s mean that our connection ius about to start. 
I close the eyes, and i throw away all the air from the lungs. 
My glance fall on the clock, and understand that it’s time.

Our soft punch in the stomach growing, and my hands are shaking on this keyboard, because i’m sure you are feel the same tremble inside, and our minds are getting connect in these instants.
I can feel your arms around my belly tightening me strong, and from far i can perceive your whispers. 

Each time happen it’s so wonderful.
I’m shyly smiling because i know in your subconscious, you would like know when i will use that screenshot. 
Maybe never, or maybe one day. 
Each time i see it i can hear your skin on mine. That’s magic sensation. 

But now what i feel is your closeness around me. 
My heart is beating strong. Even your is beating strong. 
They are two jackhammer that going crazy at unison.

I see you shy smile, and that’s make feel so in love with you, but what i’m feeling goes beyond love, it’s our connection, and everything is magical. 
I feel you here, despite our real distance. 
I throw away the air from the lungs. 
You are close to me. I feel you.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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