I had -24-

Closed the eyes don’t for rest but only to collect better all those informations that that homeless had given with much careful, but they were so many that all of a sudden i had opened  them, and i have found myself stare the white roof, but right after i got  up and i have taken my small blolc note and i have started write everything that was resounding me in head.

I believe to have wrote without realizing words that at first look they didn’t have mean nothing.
Notes that were merging at perfection with my own reflections, and the more i went on, the more that big puzzle was taking form. 
Even if i was starting from another point, i was arriving to the same conclusion  of you.
And more i was reasoning on that, the more my eyes were widening, and only when my gaze have place itself on that picture of us, on bed, i held back the breathe, because what it was presenting itself in front,  i didn’t liked at all, on the contrary it was scaring me much.

Now that i had the whole situation served on a silver plate, i had to only looking for sleep. 
I have read once again my notes, and that terrificant scene was developing itself always more, as a monster of the night that wanted devouring the city.
I have took our picture and i have stared it for a long instant, then i have placed it on my chest, closing the eyes, but leaving the light on.

Sleeping that night have been harder than the others times. For the very first time from the begin of your dissapearance, i was seeing the real reasons of that mystery have coming at light, and the more i was clashing myself to that cruel reality, the more my heart seemed splash out from the chest, and those words that i had wrote were little jackhammers that were knocking in my head. 
It useless say that i haven’t close the eye, perhaps when body have gave up itself to the tiredness, i have slept only a couple of hours.

The next morning i was about to fall from a precipice, when i have opened the eyes with the heart in throat, and i was so dazed that i didn’t have remember where i was, and only after a couple of minutes, i have recognized the room of the Pepe’s motel, and throwing away all the air from the lungs, i have smiled, turning round the face toward the empty side of bed, and i have found once again all those sheet of paper that i had wrote, and all of sudden, someone was driving a nail into my head.
I had to shake myself, so i got up, and collecting all those notes on bed, i went to refreshen a bit, then i left that room, thinking to you.

Closing the door, i have kept tight those keys, and at end i have decided to cross the aisle.
While i was going down, i was realizing that Pepe was out, having enjoy himself throwing a wooden stick that his dog that regularly got back him and he brought it him. 
But when the dog have realized that i went down, he run toward the entrance and when he saw me, have started wagging the tail and barking. 

Pepe have took the wooden stick on the ground and with al calmeness he got back to the motel, and when he have seen my face have immediately undestand that i had spent all night on those notes, and without say nothing about it, he have said that he would have offered me the breakfast. 
Maybe a cup of coffee have would woke me better, and very willingly, i have accepted it.
He knew that after that little break i would have got back in town, and he had right, but i didn’t wanted leave him without make him know what i had uncovered. 

I had take a look to a little clock on the white counter at the entrance, and for sure i have wouldn’t solved that big case in the next hours. I had still time to reorder my thoughts and decide where i would have go, once got back in town. 
So, when Pepe have brought two cups of coffee, he had already decided to ask me something on what the homeless had said me.
When he have brought out another chair for me, i have smiled at him, and when we have take sit, he have looked at me in silent, but in those big dark eyes there was one and only question. 
I have throw away all the air from the lungs. And only when  his dog have crouched on the ground among us, i have started to explain the whole situation, and what were my own conclusions.”


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