Waking up -20-

From that state in which i have fallen, i have looked at once again those my pictures scattered on bed and looking at me round, my glance have got back on that newspapers, and without think much i got up, i have searching others material, but those pictures that you have brought away with you, have started hammered my head, mixing with those words of that article, and now i had to ask some informations about that bridge.

Leaving my heart in that room, i have closed the door looking at me back, and throwing away the air from the lungs, i have stopped for a bit caressing that door whispering: “I will find you”. 
Leaving the room, i had took that tin box, holding it tight in my hand.
Walking through that aisle, many thoughts have crossed my mind, and the more i have came closer to the stair, the more i have conviced that the solution was in that homeless under that bridge, and that you had solved that case, unmasking all the wrongdoings of that creature. 

Going down, i saw Pepe who hadn’t stick off his funny glance from the stairs. It seemed that he had held back te breathe for all the time i was inside the room, and when he saw me went down, it seemed that he have started breathe again.
I have smiled him, and immediately his sweet but strannge eyes have pointed the tin box that i had in hand, and only when i have explained that they were my pictures, he have winked, sighing something that have left me overwhelmed.
“When he have asked to stay in the library, he got back from his room with that tin box, and i have heard him several times speak alone, and only when i went to him with a cup of  tea, i have noticed that tin box, and only now all match. A strong love like your is hard break it.”

I was listening to him in silence, but inside of me there was an emotion battle. I was about to cry. 
Pepe’s words had touched me in deep, and only when he have looked at you, he had immediately understand that there was something more, i have comprehended that Pepe was smarter than i could figured. 
And so, i have explained what was the real situation of the facts, and from my pockets i have pulled out the newspapers sheet and i made him see the article. I have explain him, also the fact of the bridge, and that i had to go there, but in that desolate zone of the city, i didn’t know how to move me. 
I didn’t wanted say him about the homeless, for  don’t get him in trouble, but he knew perfectly what was i talking about, but he seemed stay at my game.

Making me understand everything, he have said: “You can take my dog and he will bring you there without meet any obstacles.” With that phrase i have comprehended that at least he went there twice, and that you had said him go there if ever was happened something.
We have said all that, as if  there were someone in listening. Pepe wasn’t sure of this, but he wanted being sure, so he have sighed.
He said me to wait for him, a minute, and after he went back from the small kitcen hid behind a wall, he have gave me a small pack, and he have opened the glass window and he have called his skinny dog, and without say nothing, the dog have immediately understand where he had to go.

Even if i was there only from few hours, i have fonded of  Pepe very much, and leaving him in that desolate motel, it didn’t have seemed me right, but i had to follow your tracks, and the bridge was turn point. 
I have bended toward him, who with his eyes was looking at me very deeply, and in those eyes i have found and infinite tenderness, and i have promised him that i would back to him, and that i would have brought him with me.
“First you have to find your boyfriend. It’s more important…and i know that you will able to. You have to solve this matter, then you will can think of me.”

I have left Pepe and the motel and that part of you that have remained there, looking at all the enviroment around, calling Pepe’s dog that have immediately came to me, wagging his tail.
I would wanted brought Pepe with me, but i knew it wasn’t possible, and with the swollen heart, i have started to follow the dog.”


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