Now -17-

We have to needed to know where was that bridge, and the faster way to find it, was go at that motel in which you had decide stay for investigate alone, without put me in danger.
Those your words have hammered my head since when i have read them from your note, and shaking it, i have stared your picture on the kitchen’s table.
Taken it and have put in my pocket, i have stared Michelle who knew well, that after have a freshen, i would have came out, and surely i would not accompanied her to the striptease.
In her glance, there was a great desire to follow my craziness, but her rehearsals were important keep the shack going, as she always said me.
I have take two or three folders of B&B to read your daily movements, and make me an idea which were the eviroments that you had frequented during those days.

We both got prepare, and at the exit of the building, Michelle and me, have taken the opposite side of the sidewalk.
Before leave me. Michelle have give the striptease number. 
“Everything you need, you can call, and also if i’m in reahearsal, you have the right to interrupt me. I will warn  everybody, especially Cyclope and Yvonne. Litttle one be careful! I want see you tonight. “And so she have gave me a sweet caress on the face, and i gave her back the smile blushing nodding.

From one of the B&B report, i have take the adress of that motel. I have looked at me around, a bit disoriented, but slowly i went toward that part of the city that i have never visited.
The more i was forwarding inside that unknown part, the more a sense of discomfort was growing, and the more  i was going ahead, the more decreased the buildings around, and the inhabitants who were living there it was the very first time that i meet them, and i was sure that they didn’t knew that beyond that invisible borderline there was a real city.

When i have exceeded that borderline, it have seemed me enter in another dimension. 
All around there was a spectral silence, and the predominant color of that area were all the shades of  orange mixed with the brownish of the topsoil.
I was looking at me around, with that sheet of paper in hand with the address of the motel, and only when i have recognized the name  “The Prairie Dog” drawn on a reddish and brown signboard, i held back the breath, and i have started walk a bit faster.
It was the last building, and seemed being buildt to host those unwanted beings even in that area of  the city.

Who have welcomed me, happy too see a new face, was a sweet skinny brown dog, from which i have presumed the name of that motel. He have ran toward me, jumping around. It seemed he wanted caresses and a bit of attention. 
For the entire examination of the place, he have been with me, and i made him played with a wooden stick and when i have decided enter, i have gave him a sweet pat and have said him: “Wait!” and he have understand immediately, and have sat in front the entrance.

Entered, i have thrown away all the air from the lungs. For a long instants i have looked at me around. 
In front of  me a white semicircular counter with placed on it the classical small bell to call. I have tap twice, and then i have waited looking at me around. 
Behind the counter there was a wall with small boxes for the room keys and the notes, and for a moment i have stared that wall, above all, asking me what was your room and which notes you had received during your stay.

Apparently there was only being, who was a handyman of that motel, because after a couple of minutes i have heard a voice upstairs who have warned me that he had still another a couple of minutes, and he would got down.
I have could wait even an entire day to have some news of you, and i have started examine better the other two rooms.
Also remaining at the counter, i have could see them well. 
The left room  had to be a sort of closed veranda: there was a long window that facing out to the desolate landscape, while to the opposite side, a smaller room that could being a sort of library, and the the main  color of that room was the blue. I have see also a oreillettes armchair  with next a lttle small with on a small with the Churchill lamp, and i have thought how many evening you had spent in that small salon reading, or only reflecting on what you had collected during those days, and maybe how many times you have thought to me.

I have thrown away all the air from the lungs, going back to the reality, when fom the stairs behind the counter, it have go down  a cleaning cart pushed from a small brownish creature all white dressed, who in hurry went behind the counter, not before went up to a stool to see who had in front. 
I have smiled him, looking at me around once again, got back stare him who with his funny accent, he have asked what he would could do for me.”


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