When i -16-

Have realized that i was still dreaming your voice, i have smiled her, almost blushing and when our eyes met, mine got wet, and without say nothing i have stared the picture of you, that by now it was a costant of my days.
It was the only thing of you that was left to me. 
Michelle have came closer, and she knew what were still my feeling for you, and she knew they were some of the feelings that revolutionize from within, and i was still inside that vortex. It could also see it in the way I was staring at that now unrecognizable image. 

Michelle have took sit on the second chair in front of that table, where i was still holding tight your note, and she have looked at me straight into my eyes. 
Me, had the heart that was beating strong, and in someways, i wasn’t able to calm it. 
When Michelle have came in the kitchen, i had just ended to read the entire note, that my friend hadn’t read.

“He have wrote me maybe the sweetest words… ” i have said her looking at her still with the wet eyes, staring that note, and in my mind everything was still confused. 
I had thoughts that were chasing each other, informations that have overlap, and in someway, i wasn’t able to put in row all those notions that i was catching in so short time.

Michelle, standing next to me, have left me still one more time with my thoughts, but above all with my emotions, that in those minutes were fighting against my rational part, and they were winning, above all having from their side your last part of the note.
Michelle have looked at me for a bit, then she have staring the that note in my hand, then very delicately, she have slipped it away from my hand, and with with a glance she asked the permission to read it.
I have only gave back her the glance, and without wait for a nod, that it would have never arrived, she have started to read the rest of your note, ocasionally throwing a look toward me, and  then she back to read.
Me that had read those words till learn them by heart, i throwing away the air from the lungs, each time that Michelle was looking at me, and i knew perfectly in which part she was reading, and lifting her big face without say nothing, we both remained in silence for a couple of minutes, while the water of faucet marking the time.

She have looking at me straight into my eyes, with your note in hand, sighing, she have said: “Damn, he still loves you so much…. He have had to make a big choice. Here he explain his choice. Shit, he have preferred to don’t put you in those troubles in which, he was putting into, and he have had to make the greater sacrifice: break with you.” 
Now also her was throwing away the air from the lungs. I was looking at her with more wide eyes open. 
After arrive at my same conclusion, she have understand from my glance stared on that spotted and creased image, that i wanted go till the end and discover where that being was keeping you, and send him in jail for all the misdeeds had done, but that for now he had always won for  money trafficking with which he buy everything and everyone, but what Michelle was reading into my eyes it was one and only phrase that sounded like a sort a scream of rivedication.

We both have looked at each other, and Michelle, even if knew where i would be went, she have asked: “Where do you want go?” Getting up, i have staring my friend and with an unique sentence, i have replied: “I go to get my boyfriend back! ” looking at your picture holding it very tight between my hand. Michelle had see all my determination to get to the bottom of the matter, and now that i have known that you hadn’t break with me for inexplicable reasons, but for don’t put me in danger, my love for you have grown in a disproportionate manner, and now your words have become an incentive more, to do everything with acurateness, and the question of Michelle: “From where do you want start?”
“I would try to go under that bridge and see if i meet that homeless.” I have looked at Michelle for an instant that seemed had no end and in a sighed, i have said: “Absolutely i want find him and tell him how much i love him!”
Michelle have looked at me, almost moved. I have could see her eyes got wet.

Smiling, i thrown away the air from the lungs, drying me a little tear that slowly rolling in my face.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


⇐She have -15-

Now -17-⇒

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