I had to

Stop what i was about to do, because all of sudden, i have fel our soft punch in the stomach growing fast, and your embrace have enveloped my belly. 
I have to throw all the air from the lungs, because your closeness is making itself strong, and all i want dive in Our Parallel World with you. 

If i have close the eyes, i can feel your breath around my being, and softly i can hear your whispers that are call my name, and what i’m feeling it’s one of the most delicate emotion, that is caress my soul, and make beat strong my heart.

Everything is so beautiful and make fly my feelings to you, and i hope you can perceive them.
All this makes part of Our Parallel World, and when everything turn so magical, we have to only stay at at his rules, and let us guide where it wants. 
One day for sure we will meet, but till that day we can only throw away the air from the lungs.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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