She have -15-

Continued to read for a bit another report of my men and to comparison my notes with she was reading, and she have arrived to the same  my conclusions.
That homeless that you have met almost each day under that bridge, had something to do with  all that matter that arounding with the dirty business of that creature.

Michelle for a bit, have stopped read those reports, and drinking her cup of tea, have looked at me laid on that couch, with the mouth ajar and the saliva that slowly was coming out from it, and surely i wasn’t good show to see, but she have smiled with tenderness. 

On that ruined table, she have put to a other side of those reports that she was reading and she have saw your note, that she had found inside that book in my agency. 
I hadn’t have the courage to read the entire note. I had recognized only your calligraphy, and from that moment everything around, have started see all the shades of grey till i have seen the stars till i haven’t see nothing. 
Michelle had to checked i was ok, and she went next to the couch, and she have assured herself i was still sleeping, but above all, she have assured herself i was still breathing, and with her cup of tea in her big hand, she have back  in front of that rickety table, anmd with some indecision, she have took your note, and looking at me sleeping, she have opened it, and reading the first rows, she have murmured: “What a mess you got yourself into”

Reading more deeper the note, you had left me details about that homeless, and what about you was talking with him. 
He was one of the first victims of that despicable being that Michelle would have liked to see drown in her own shit.
Michelle’s eyes lit up more, but she didn’t keep reading your note. What she had read was enough for her, and her intelligent mind concluded that you have approached discover the misdeeds of that being who on the surface might have seemed so kind, but deep down was one of the most cruel beings than that city had.

She have wanted to read some lines more, but she have realized immediately that they were exclusively for me, and she have placed it on the table as she have found it.
She have take a look to the clock placed above the small window of that salon, and despite she wasn’t tired, she had to rest, and slowly passing next to the couch, she have caressed me, and she have sighed: “Your boyfriend have put himself in a big trouble, but he have found the biggest problem of this city, and maybe he was about solve it, that’s  why his disappearence. That disgusting being have found him before and he have played his worstest game. Rest well”,  So she went in bedroom and even her, at end, fallen asleep.

That morning, i have opened the eyes a bit confused on where i was. 
My head have beating strong, as if someone had hit me, and in someways it was so.
I have remember that i was on street with Michelle, then the complete void.
I have got up, and looking at me around, i have recognized the Michelle’s apartement. Her bedroom was still closed, but this time i have had the confirmation that she was in her bed, and she was sleeping. Her snore was well audible in all that small apartment. 
I have smiled, and i went in kitchen where i immediately noticed the folders on that greenish table. I have thought that Michelle have take a look to my job, and as perfectionist she was, she have began to read the first folders, as i haven’t did. 

She even pulled out your note on the table, and all of sudden, i  have remebember all the facts of the last evening that i had removed.
I have take sit in front of that table, and trembling, i have look at me around as if there were pring eyes, and holding back the breath, i have opened it, and i have started read it.
It seemed you was there close to me. I have could hear your voice  in mind, and my heart was going crazy the more i was going ahead with the reading, and in what you had left me written, there were all the elements that i would have could use to  frame that scoundrel. I remained for a bit stare your words printed on that creased sheet of papers that i haven’t noticed that Michelle have came out from her bedroom. 
She have saluted me a couple of times, but when she have noticed that i have holding in hand your note, she have underlined it with a sense of wonder. 

I was still hearing your voice in mind, and when she have came in kitchen, she have me made jolted indicating your note.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐Michelle -14-

When i -16-⇒


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