Michelle -14-

Had seen me still pale, and without any effort she had took the big bag, where i had put all my folders, and she have closed the agency, leaving turn on the light next to the door, and we have came out from that building. 
I hadn’t still  speak from when she had made me see that sheet of paper.

When we have back in street, it was starting to rain, and before to walking she have lifted the collar to the chin even for me. 
In those instants, i have walk as an automaton. I have could feel the raindrops like pins that were piercing my skin of the hands, and despite it was the only part of my body uncovered, i have had to stop myself, and i have looked Michelle and i said her: “I have to faint!” I have begin view all small, and those small white small points have become bigger. 

My friend have couldn’t, and didn’t wanted stopped herself in the middle in the street, so with all her strenght, she have took me and she have loaded me on the shoulders, and in few instants i have lost the senses.
She have passed in front to the striptease, there she have met Cyclope who was about to close the local, and he have looked her astonished, and Michelle have shrugged, and she said: “Tomorrow she will be fine. We see us tomorrow!” and she have continued for her way. Cyclope have remained staring her till she have vanished in the darkness like a thief  caught in the act.

She have opened the door of her small apartment with some diffuculties, but end she have entered, throwing on the floor that big bag, and when she have laid me on the couch still fainted, she have looked at me and in a sighed, she said: “Poor little one, it have been a shock see that note” Checking that i was still breathing, she went to the bathroom to freshen herself and change. 

She back in that small salon, and she went in the kitchen and when she saw the cup in the sink, by now full of water, she have turned round and have checked me. Seemed her  that i was sleeping.
In all tranquillity, she got prepared a cup of tea, and when she have waiting for the water was enough warm, she have stared the big brown leather bag in which there were all the folders that had collected from my office, and her curiosity have exceeded, all clichè of a good friendship. Looking at me sleeping, she have sighed: “A glimpse don’t cost anything”, and so she have brought the big bag in that small kitchen and she have laid on that greenish ’60 table with the legs of a rusty metal.

She have take sit in front of that table and with the steaming cup  next to her, she have opened the bag, and she have immediately noticed that the folders were well ordinated by date, and so she have started from the last one below all the others, and without realizing she was the first being that was reading it.

Those B&B  were very good: they had day coverage well organized, and Michelle have noticed it immediately because at each change hour, the report writing was different. 
Each of them had five hour, and the evening hours were the easier.
Reading, two or three report, even Michelle have noticed your walk to that unknown part of the city, and she have also noticed your stop under ther bridge, and before continue, she have take a look  once again inside the bag, because beyond the B&B folders, she have notice another folder totally different from those that she was reading, and she wanted see what it was. Only when she have opened it, she have realized that were my personal notes on those reports, and what she had noticed, it was that i had underlined many times that stop under that bridge, and i was questioning who was that homeless with which you have talked.

It seemed that it had catched my attention, and from what i had wrote, i was intentioned to go in that part of the city in those next hours. 
Ended her cup of tea, Michelle have looked at me still sleeping. 
She have thought that i was so tired, and when i fainted i had exhausted all my energies, but i had decided to go there to see closer what you had find. 

She knew me well.”


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