We have -13-

Came out from the striptease from the back door, and in someways i have understand my friend, star of that evening: she didn’t have wanted meet nobody. 
We have saluted Cyclope and Yvonne, the only who known our movements.
Cyclope had even the agency phone number, in case of neccessity. I gave it him one of the first evning we had broke, and i still didn’t knew that in short you would be vanish, and it always good that someone of which i have trusted, had my number.

With the audience out of the pub, who were waiting to see again Michelle, we gone away, swallowen by the darkness of the alley, and with the raincoat collar lifted to the chin, we have directed ourselves to the opposite part, where the starlette went each evening.
The agency was in inside a building, nearby the striptease but enough far to don’t get make suspicious those few clients of  upper middle class who have asking our help, but above all, your help.

During the walk, we haven’t speak. Each of us was dive inside own thoughts. 
I was collecting all the informations that i had collected that evening, Repeating me each thing, hoping to remember everything. 
Michelle was looking at straight the street careful where she was putting her big feet with those small red shoes, but i knew that she was thinking to something, but i didn’t have wanted interrupt her, and then i knew her too well, and i knew what she thinking about. 
Her sentence that she had said in her dressing room, was hiding something deeper. Her desire see that creature in ruin was too strong, but she knew that she would have could do nothing, as long he held the highest share of the pub. 
The striptease was givin  job to many creatures of the city.

Stopping in front to a shopwindow  with still the lights on that were illuminating some bags in sale, she have whispered: “One day that striptease will be mine…” and she have looked at me, as if we  were talking about it, since when we have came out. 
I remained astonished, because her voice was one of the most serious that i have hear to.

And her phrase have ended tha one of tangled thoughts that were chasig each other. I have looked at her, being totally agreed with her, and i have smiled, indicating her the entrance in that building.
She remained breathless for the pomp.
Despite she was my friend from long time, she never have visited my agency. We were us that have came to the striptease: it was easier. After a day of work to pass in that local and see friendly faces, and maybe see Michelle on stage it was the simpliest way to set free our minds.

I have accompanied her inside the agency and i have made her settle inside “my office”, where a warm light was always turned on. 
I have took her raincoat and i have placed it on a wooden chair close to the door of the office. She have looked at herself around, and she fascinated of how many books there were around, and unaware, she have sniffed the air, and the perfume of the printed pages, have inhebriated my friend, who seemed taken by each title that she was reading on that shelves.

I went at my desk to collect the B&B folders, but when Michelle have took one book that she wanted see closer, from that book, have fallen something unexpected. 
She have collected it and for bit, she have given it a look, and right after she have looked at me with wide eyes open, and immediately after she have sighed my name, stretching that sheet of paper, as if she wanted excused. 

I was taking a big bag  for my folders, but when i have heard the Michelle’s voice trembling, i have looked at that sheet of paper that she had in big hand.
Looking at her way in which she was staring it, i have understand that it was something that regarded you.
I held back the breath, and when Michelle have left me that sheet of paper, i have took it, and i have recognized your calligraphy. 
For a moment i have forgot to breathing.

Michelle have looked at me become pale, and she have helped me to take a sit on my chair, and she have looked for something me drink.
When she have back with a simple glass of water, i have started reading what you have wrote.
And only when i started to read aloud, i have understand that they were some intructions for me.
I have looked at my friend, shaking the head.

Really fast in front of me it were forming itself little pieces of a puzzle very big.
Michelle, after seen i have taken myself again, have taken the situation  under her control, and she have decide that we had leave that office as soon as possible. 
Taken all the necessary, i have closed the agency and we were go away. 
I had still in mind those few words that you had wrote me.”


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