When -12-

I have came in front to the dressing room of Michelle, i was about to enter enthusiastic about what i have seen, but one second before to knock the door, i have stopped, and i have thought that she had to be so tired and i have waited  for a while, but when the assistant to Michelle have passed, have asked me what was my name, and shyly, i have replied him, he have knocked to the door for me, and putting his elongated neck inside the dressing room, he have sighed something, and after hearing my exausted friend murmuring something, that strange but funny being have pulled me inside, and he have locked the door. 

I turned, and almost as if i was feeling an intruder, i have looked Michelle laid on a chaise long with her eyes closed. It seemed, she fallen asleep in those few seconds i entered.

I have stared her, and i remained fascinated by her abundance, that she brought with pride.
She was  still sweating, and it seemed that she had not breath not even to talk, but when she have drunk, maybe her favorite drink with a drinking straw, from a simple long glass with a leaf of celery, she have asked my opnion about her performance.

I have remained astonished as much she serious she was.  I knew that there was something else in that her question. 
I could not be her usual friend, but now she wanted know the thruth. But i could not lie her, saying that there were some imperfections. 

I have came closer to her, sitting on a small wooden chair next her chaise long, and only when she have realized that i was in front of her, she have opened her beautiful green eyes, and she have looked at me almost piercing me. 
I held back the breathe, for then throw it away, and looking at straight into here eyes,  seriousely i have said: “Tonight you have exceeded yourself. You have been super. You have made the theater collapse…” I left those latest words, floating in the air, waitng for her reaction.
I have had to wait few seconds to see on her face a small smile of revenge. 

She had not added nothing to her grimace. She knew that the Cyclope, or Yvonne have would said me everything.
But i have wanted hear it from her own mouth. She knew me too well, and after a bit, and after that she have drink some others sips from that iced glass, she have looked at me, but i knew that in reality she was looking at that disgusting creature, and she said: “I have made you enjoy, but you have could not touch me, a small revenge for those who made you vanish, ugly asshole!”
And saying this, Michelle, seemed invigorate, but after being herself  vent, she have looked at me with her sweet glance. I knew that she had that anger inside, and she was waiting for me to throw it away. 

But now, even in her mind some thoughts were chasing each other, and all of sudden she have stop, and when she turned around from her chair in front of that big mirror, she have looked at me and those thoughts that was hammering my head since when i have shared some chat with Yvonne and above all with Cyclope, they have started to knock her mind too.
And her latest sentence have been like a bolt from the blue, and without realizing my eyes got wet.

“Oh dear, little one, i didn’t wanted hurt you, i’m sorry!”
“It’s ok, Michelle.  From when Cyclope and Yvonne have told me tonight,most likely his vanish have been due for what he had discovered, and i have collected alot informations staying here rather in that office of my agency. But i have to ask you a favor”.
Michelle seemed have reprised all her forces, and seemed ready to faced up to another dance, but she have looked at me and she have said: “Everything you want, little one”

I have smiled her, and i have asked her if we could pass to my office. I wanted and i had to collect all the reports of B&B: I knew that somethingt hid in those folders, there was the reply to that question i was looking for from when you was vanish, and from when collected the latest informations, everything was taking form toward a part that i didn’t like at all.
Michelle have smiled, and nodded.”


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