While -11-

In  the main salon, the music was still playing and i have could hear some unpleasants comments, i have tried to enstranged myself from that enviroment, throwing me on what B&B had wrote on their reports, looking for something that it could gave me some hints on what Cyclope had as soon as said me, about the chubby creature in the big salon. 

I wanted back to office to read the other folders and collect all the notes that i had taken till that moment. I knew that in those documents there was something that i hadn’t thought it was important, but after the chat with Cyclope, everything was running fast, and i would wanted have to check, one by one, those files, but unfortunately i had not the smartness to take all them, and that evening i had promised Michelle that i would remained to the club till her show had ended.
I had said her “Yes”, and she knew that i would kept the promise.

I had brought the latest reports of the pyle on my desk of my office, and maybe they were those less important. 
I was staring them in front of me placed in that table, illuminated by that light that was serve to nothing.
I was lost in thought, when i lifted the face toward the counter, thinking ask Cyclope to bring me something, but when i came back to the reality, i have hear the music from the big salon, and when i looked at me around to that small anteroom, i have realized that i was completely alone, but i had need to drink something. 
If i had disturbed Cyclope, maybe i would have got him in trouble. So i have decided to do all alone.

I got up and i went behind the counter. I have observed me around, and among many bottles placed in that long shopwindow, i have choose two of which i knew mix well both the liquids, and at end going to the table with a light gin&tonic.
When i have back at the table, i have drunk some sips, and all of a sudden, it back in mind when i have drink it for the first time with you in the agency to toast at our investigation in that city, and now i was toasting at my very first my own investigation, and only when i have remembered that that first investigation have been a big flop, i have looked at your picture, hoping that the final result of this one was the exact contrary.

I got back to examine those sheets of papers, when Yvonne have entered in that small anteroom with me as only one guest. When she have noticed the two bottles on the counter, and knowing  that Cyclope was still in the salon, she have looked at me astonished, and when she have stared the glass in front of me, there have been no need explain nothing, but she have stopped next to the drapery, and she have excused herself. I have sighed: “Don’t worry”, and just with a quick glance she had understand my next question, and with all her sweetness, she have replied: “Still five minutes… Even she is very exhausted. I can see it throught her eyes. She is  sweating very much, but she know also that everything depends on her perfomance” Yvonne have looked at me fleetingly, knowing to have speak too much.

I have looked for to stop her, but she have been faster than me. I have moved away the drapery and she was already vanished. 
I have looked at the stage, and Michelle was dancing so erotically that she have enchanted also me, that i remained to look at her for a bit, and that bit have lasted till the end.
I have clapped and i have whistled. 

When she have remained naked with only the few cloth the have corvered her intimate parts, she have turned her sweated glance toward me, and i have came closer to make me recognize, when i saw born on her face a shy smile, i knew she was happy not because she had ended her perfect performance, but because i had kept the promise to stay, there.

She was my best friend, and now that I knew certain facts, which somehow intertwined with your disappearance, I wanted to know more.
When she bowed to the crazed audience for her show, she smiled and walked back, while the velvety drapes closed the stage, and immediately a skinny creature approached Michelle gave her the bathrobe. Saying nothing she dressing room entered.

I went back to the small bar and i saw Cyclope going back behind the counter, while the chubby creature was still speaking in the salon, but now nobody had to disturb him, so i have could see Cyclope calmer, and even him have noticed my glass on my table, and as Yvonne, i have said him: “It’s ok!” and after a shy nod, he have said me that i would could go in Michelle’s dressing room in short. 

I have ended my drink and i entered in that aisle that it would have take me in the backstage.”


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