Your embrace

Your smile, my soft punch in the stomach.
Despite we are so distant, i can close the eyes and i can feel your breathe that sweetly is wrapping me.
I throw away the air from the lungs.
My head is starting to explode. 

I’m sorrounding by million of emotions, but what i feeling more are your arms around my belly. 
I feel you turning me, and finally our eyes meeting.
I dive myself into those two blue dark oceans.
I see you smiling. My heart is going crazy.
In that darkness, i’m biting my lips, and i feel you come closer to me. 
Your arms tightening me delicately.
Despite it’s dark, i can see your tiny mole. I’m going crazy more, and your smile become brighter.

I sigh your name, and i can feel our souls merging one in another, and everything become Our Parallel World, while all around us vanish.
All this connection it’s the most beautiful sensation that i have felt in six years, and in all this the universe is saying something important throught his double numbers.
And everything is always more magical than i could expected.
You are magic, and i’m living in your spell.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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