It seemed -10-

That my friend was dancing with no music, and everything around was surreal. 
I was looking at that scene outside from my body, and what i was looking at were creatures who wishing tasting the flashy curves of Michelle who was slowly was showing them. 
I have looked at Cyclope that seemed totally understand my sense of discomfort toward Michelle who, maybe didn’t realizing how much sexual desire there was between those creatures at that central table.

But perhaps she was hearing those chatter about her body. 
Yvonne with the others waiters, passing among those table, and her glances weren’t among those sweet that i always knew, on the contrary. I knew how she could do to spoil the party, making fall some of those drink on pants of those costumers

I was remained to see number of Michelle next to the brownish drapery. From there i had a good vision of that big table in the centre, and that rounded creature, of which everybody inside of the local, had a fucked fear, and i didn’t have still understand who was. Cyclope next to me, was looking at him, as if his order, were that at is minimum gesture, my friend had to sprint. 
He had his one eye straight toward that creature that all of a sudden, i didn’t have could digested. 

When Yvonne have passed next to to me, with her empty tray, she have looked at me, and in her glance i have comprehended how she hated him.
I didn’t wanted stop her quick job between the tables, but when she have looked at me with that only question printed on my face, she have stopped herself, giving her tray to another waiter, and she have take a break, and she placed herself next to me, controlling the salon.

“He’s not the mayor, but  he is as if he was, if you want understand what i want mean… he is the major investor of this striptease, and each time he come it’s the same story” and she have indicated that big space between him. 
“And we have to fulfill each his small desire… If i could, i would give him one one my greatest fist on his face” She have looked at me smiling. Then looking at the stage, admiring the lightness of Michelle, she have came closer to me, and she have sighed in ears: “When he come, he ask always, her. They are weeks that she train”
There was a moment of silent, and we both we have looked at Michelle that slowly have attached herself to that rope and someone behind the stage, was lifting her up, while she have turning with one of powerful arm, while with the other she have taking off another piece of cloth that were covering her big but soft body, and everybody in the salon went crazy, while everybody have search for to catch it.

I have looked at Yvonne who have cameback serve the tables. 
Cyclope was still next the drapery waiting for a tiny gesture of that chubby creature, but he was so taken by Michelle that for the very first time when he have placed next to me, he have shared with me a serious glance, and i have asked him: “What’s up?” 

While everybody had eyes pointed on Michelle on that turning rope, i have stared Cyclope seriousely and in a sighed, i have prayed him contine because each information i could collect, even the most useless, maybe it could helped me to find you and my men.
For a moment Cyclope have controlled the salon’situation, and it seemed that he could go ahead.
Now, Cyclope had all my attention and when he have started talk, he did it going straight to the point.
“Yvonne is so smart, but sometimes, she doesn’t catch the real point. I think sometimes she is naive, but it’s better so. She told you that he is one of  major investor of this striptease, but she haven’t told you that in this striptease  he makes deals with others creatures: do you see the others being at his table? And if  your are smart as i think, you can arrive it alone. I can add that he made vanish creatures who weren’t agree with him, and if i can say my opinion, maybe, your boyfriend was investigating on something sinister on this creature”and he have stretched his neck toward the special guest of that evenining. 

My eyes have brighted. I have looked at Cyclope for an instants, as if i was reasoning on something. I haven’t say him nothing, but i made him a gesture, and i have left the salon where Michelle was still dancing.
Thanking, i gave him a pat on his big shoulder, making him understand that i have would placed myself in the little bar. reading those few folders that i had brought. 
I had to study them deeply, not like i have did previousely. 
In the Cyclope words, i had found something that i have opened me that part of my brain that didn’t wanted still collaborate.”



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