I have -9-

Realized how much the time in the stripteasse have flew away just when the Cylope in front of me have taken the order from an invisible voice to turn tn the sparkling lights of the signboard and all of sudden a multicolours, have started to turn on and turn off, letting enter the electric rainbow in that dark part of of the bar of the pub. 

I have jolted when that rainbow have illuminated the glass that was in front of me.
I have turned round toward the exit, and all of sudden i have realized that it was already evening, and the rain was wet the wooden entrance tapping softly the round glass. 
 Cyclope was still in front of me, cleaning some glasses waiting for that the real customers have entered.
He was looking at me distractly. I have could seen him very interesting to stare the anonymous entrance of the local. I was about to ask him who had to come, but i knew that he he would not listen to me, so i have returned to stare my folders that had placed on the counter.

From there on, i would counted on myself. 
The anteroom, had some isolated tables, and there was time that the show started, so i have decided to take sit in front of one of them. I have choosed the latest close to the brownish drapery.  I got not annoy anyone, and i have could read carefully the report of B&B, and take other notes.
Above my table there was an unique light that shaking, and it wasn’t a right light to read, on the contrary. My shadow was an real obstacle for that poor light. 

I have tried in all the way to search a way read those few report. I was capable to read few lines of that report with which i have fought, but i have could read some interesting things of which i have immediately taken notes, but immediately after i have cursed that lamp above me and i have closed the folder, and i have continued to look at me around, giving some glances to Cyclope who was looking at the big clock in front of him. 

It seemed that evening, it had to come someone really important, and beyond Cyclope all the workers of that striptease, included the bodyguard of the dancers, was nervous. 
The one who didn’t really care of who had to arrive, was Yvonne, and i was about to admire more than everybody else around. He was preparing the salon with other fews waiter, of which i was unsecure what was their sexual tendence. 
I was hearing Yvonne giving them precise order.
They had to leave a big space between “that table” and the others.

Those orders have got me curious, and i wanted see what was happening inside the big salon.
I remained speechless. All the waiters were moving away all the tables and they were leaving the void around the biggest table of the salon, and i felt missing the breathe. The incriminated table was that one that few hours ago, me and Michelle had occupied. It seemed that i was looking a crime scene. I had the heart that was pulsing blood faster it could, and as much fast it was, the taste of my own blood, was  mixing with the latest sips of the Michelle’s drink that i had savored  just seconds ago, and for a moment i have looked that scene disgusted.

I have cameback to stare my folders in front of me, and the more i was reasoning, the more something logical was building in my mind, but i didn’t knew what it was.
I took your picture, always more creased and i have looked at you straight into those eyes, and in a sighed i have said: “What was you looking for?”

But suddenly all those thoughts were blown away by the clang that all the striptease staff were doing because whoever was coming was crossing the main road in his big limo, and for the first time i saw Cyclope trembling too.
Our eyes have met each other. Me with the only question: “Who is coming?” and the big creature with a pleading glance: “Please don’t make me tremble!”
I have looked at him with wide eyes open, and i haven’t not the time to assured him that that one wooden door have opened, letting enter a a gust of wind and a great shadow of big rounded creature dressed grey with a white shirt and a red  necktie, have gently saluted everybody shaking his chubby hands, looking at those few creatures who were at the entrance waiting for him, looking for to do everything at the perfection. 

Behind the counter, Cyclope remained like hypnotized, and he have stared the big chubby creature till he have exceeded the brownish drapery.
Crossing the drapery, he have looked at me by force. 
He have smiled me, but i didn’t have gave him back his smile. I was remained serious, but he continued to smile entering in the big salon, exclaiming how it was beautiful, and only when he have nominate my friend Michelle, i held back the breathe, looking at Cyclope.

Michelle knew that he would have came, but she haven’t wanted me worry, only in those intstants i have understand her invitation to stay. I have throw away all the air from the lungs, and when the lights have turned off and the music have started to play, i have entered in the salon. 
I have saw that Cyclope have slowly followed me from behind. I placed myself next to him, while Michelle went down on the stage from that thin rope from the roof.”


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⇐While -8-

It seemed -10-⇒

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