While -8-

I was looking at Michelle dancing, i remained astonished, as much as she was a big creature, she had a lightness that every her moves seemed really easy. I knew her performance, but each times that she clung herself to that thin rope that falling down from the roof and she started turned round like a butterfly, my breathe was stopping, and i held it till the rope got low down and it made her fallen on the ground with her split. 

I, already have could hear the audience going crazy. I dived myself into her show, that at end i have started to clap my hands, as if it was the striptease was full of the other customers. 

Each time i have could see her, i remained enchated by her delicateness.
But when i realized that they were still the rehearsals, and there were just few others creatures in the that great salon, i have stopped clap, and embarassed, i took sit again, looking at me around blush.

Having the main spotlight pointed on her, Michelle hadn’t could see who was in the in the salon, and only when she have ended her number with only two piece of a soft veil that covering her intimate parts of  her greyish body, have asked to the bodyguard who had opened me the door, who was there in the salon.
“She said me, she is your friend, Michelle!” and first to get in trouble, i indetified myself, saying aloud: “That’s me, Michelle! Always  wonderful your number!” 
And only after the dancer have recognized me, the bodyguard who was coming to me, have stopped himself, and he have returned at his place. 

I held my breath, then threw it away, and watched the huge creature walk away.
“I change and I’ll come to you!” She was still on stage and she of course she couldn’t see the whole hall, but she was kind in saying, “You can order something. Call Yvonne and she will bring you whatever you want.” She have called the bodyguard close to the stage, and she have sighed him something. Looking at me, he have nodded and he have left the salon, and i have could hear his big voice call Yvonne, and right after Yvonne have entered in the salon, and he have came to me, and i have recognized in Yvonne the waiter that hours earlier have called my friend in her dressing room.
“Tell me dear, what do you prefer to drink?” I have looked at him straight into his beautiful eyes, and for a bit i remained speechless. He knew that he make the same effect to everybody who had the lucky to see him to the sun light. He have smiled me sweetly, and after a couple of second with her femine voice, he repeated the question. 
“Ehm, yes, I’m sure that Michelle has a prefered drink. Bring it to me.” He have smiled and the centaure have left the salon, but after a couple of minutes, he have cameback, not with one glass, but two. He knew that Michelle would have asked that drink, and he have left the big salon, winking at me.

Now that i was the only one in that big salon, i have took a look at me around. 
Maybe it was the first time that i was admiring the beauty of that salon. 
It seemed stay inside an old theatre, where they had removed all the confortable chairs from the parterre, and they have replaced them with big round tables.
The furniture was gold and red velvet. It was very classical, but i knew that nobody have would noticed even if the salon was have been illuminated even during the evening show.

I waited for Michelle to taste her favorite drink and she didn’t keep me waiting too long.
She have arrived floating inside a soft bathrobe full of ostrich feathers, and smiling, she have noticed the second glass of that drink that she loved so much, and sitting she have said: “I love Yvonne, she know always what i want” and smiling me, she have drink and she have tasted each sips. 
I have smiled her, and so also me i have drunk.
After a moment of silence, Michelle have said: “Sincerely i was waiting for you much earlier, why do you have come only now?” I blushed, but right after i have replied her: “I went to my office… maybe i found something, and then i have remebered your note.”

Michelle wasn’t understanding nothing of what i was telling her. I was showing her all those report that B&B had wrote, but she still was not comprehending.
And only at end, she have stopped me. 
Looking at herself around she have noticed his big bodyguard, next to one of the two entrance of the big salon. 
She have looked at me with wide eyes open, making me understand don’t speak. 
“We get by on our own. I call you, if i need of you. You can leave us alone, thank dear” 
So we have waited for that he left go. Then she have explained me that, despite it was a big salon, when it was empty, even  a fly could be hear to fly in the afternoon hours, and it was better that we were remained alone. 

Slowly i was compreheding that even in that striptease, it was better talk with prudence, because even the walls could have ears. And in my head everything was taking form.
I have stared Michelle and slowly i nodded her, drinking another sips from that drink.
We both have looked at those folders, and we have throw away all the air from the lungs.
Then she have said: “Do you remain to see the show?”
I have immediately understand that it was an invite to spend another night with her. 
In her aparment we have would talk freely. 
“Surely i don’t want want miss your spectacular show.”

Michelle have got up, and she have gave me sweet pat, and she left me again alone in that big salon. 
I have looked at me around then i have decided to go to Cyclope, knowing that i could trust of him.
I have left the salon, and  i went at the counter, and looking at the Cyclope, i have smiled him, taking sit in front of him who have gave me back the smile, asking me if i remained for the show. I have nodded.”


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