Since when

I woke, and even a bit earlier, i have felt your soft embrace, and your soft voice that have asked me “How do you feel?”
I feel always good when i feel your closeness around, and now i that i feel our heart beating unison, i can feel the lightness of Our Parallel World raising up around us, and everything vanish, and become as it should have to be.

Your arms are tightening me strong, and your glance is straight into mine, and i can only throw away all the air from the lungs. 
You look at me in that way, and everything become light, and i can dive into your eyes. 
I’m starting to shake, and delicately i caress your face till reach your tiny mole. 
You smile, and you take my hand and gently you kiss it.
And you say me. “Everything is passing, close the eyes and you can feel Our Parallel World is around us”

You tightening me strong, and you start our slow dance. 
Your lips are come closer to mine ad i can feel your softness wrapping me.
You going make me crazy. 
I close the eyes and i can feel your breath around and inside me.




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