Right after

I have felt your stronger embrace around my belly, and your arms are tighening my stronger than ever, and your glance is straight into mine astonished. 
I have throw away all the air from the lungs, and slowly our soft punch in the stomach grow. 
You are looking at me in silence, knowing what i’m feeling. 

I try to go on, but it’s always the same story. 
That’s why i feel better when i’m feel alone with my thoughts and maybe when i feel your closeness, as i’m doing right now. 

You arrived in the exact moment i had really need you. 
Despite we are so far, each time we need each other, Our Parallel World  is uniting us in the strongest way. It will be the strangest way, but when i feel you closeness like this, slowly everything reconciles itself.

You didn’t have left me not even a second alone, maybe in those seconds i wanted break everything and send everybody to hell. But immediately you have arrived, and you have embraced me strong, and slowly Our Parallel World have enveloped us.

You are still looking at me, searching for remove this feeling that really slow are inside me.
But now what i’m feeling is my heart that is beating strong with your, and it is creating our magical connection. 

“Close the eyes” you are whispering me and delicately, your lips are caressing mine.
I throw away all the air from the lungs, and when i re-open them, your are staring me, forehead against forehead, and your hands are delicately touching my face, and your sweet smile tranquilize me.
I whisper your name and you do the same with mine, and delicately you embrace me stronger.
You are my safe place.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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