First -7-

To open that first folder, i have looked your picture and sighing, i have excused me to you, but i knew better than yourself, and i knew that i had do good to keep my men, under my service, and only after read the first lines of that report, your words have resounded in my ears of why i wanted keep Billy and Bob. 
“They don’t do anything good” they have been your words. 
I placed the report on the desk, and i have started to talk to you staring in that picture.
“Maybe they are sluck but look how many things have collect, since when you have left the the office… and me. Perhaps they will be them to help me to find you.” I have looked at you as if you was here.

I have started to read the first folder, and as a good dectetive i have began to take notes and write some conclusions.

First folder archived. Second folder read, and even the third one it was the same routine. 
It seemed that you hadn’t nothing important to do.

At 7am you came out from that motel, you had breakfast at the diner in front. When you had end it, for a bit you have stop and just to the entrance you turned your cigarette and you started to walk toward a isolated  bridge where you have met a homeless with which you shared some chats. Then have you saluted him giving him some money, and you continuing your walk. Seeing it from outside, it could be a normal day, but knowing you, there was something more, and this it got curious me more.
I glimpsed to the other folders, and reading the begin of the next two or three reports the story was always the same. 
Who was that homeless and what he did say you?

I have looked at your desk, in front of that window from where entering the sun that illuminated my desk, but not your. Your desk lamp was always turned on, even when the sun blinding the room.
Slowly i got up and i have came to your desk. 
I hoped you had forget some folders of your latest of investigations on the desk, but what i have noticed immediately some new phone numbers on big planner on the table. You had never left phone numbers written on that planner, at maximum you written them on it, but then you have transcribe on your little agenda, or when you hadn’t time, you have snatched that piece of sheet of paper and you have inserted it inside your agenda. 
I have even opened the desk drawer, but the only thing i have found that it have left me me breathless was a couple of pictures of mine, that you kept them closed inside a small tin box. I fallen on  your chair with the heart that beating like a crazy, and now my wish to find you, was growing more. 

Looking at those pictures i came back in time. I have remembered that for to take those pictures you had invented a tool that only your smartness could figured. I have sweetly smiled touching that one that i had in hand, but immediately after i reprised myself, and i back to the present of that empty office. Giving a last glimpse to that picture and hearing from far our laughs, i replaced those picture in your tin small box, and closing that window on the past, i have continued to check your desk, but more than those parts of  snatched part of the planner, there was no nothing that it could be help me. 

Returned to my desk, i have opened the umpteenth report, and i have began t read it without  gaining anything good.
But all of a sudden i remebered the Michelle handnote, and my eyes got brighted.
Almost jumping down the chair, i have taken some of the report and your creased picture, with hurry i have taken the raincoat and i have came out, from the building and almost running i directed myself toward the striptease.

The local at those hours of the day was still closed, but from inside it was well audible the music of the rehearsals for that evening, and without the gaudy light turned on, it seemed a normal empty pub. 
I have a look inside trough a round glass, but i have could not see nothing.
The stage and the real local was hid by a brownish drapery, but however i have knocked a couple of times, hoping that someone could hear me, and only after a couple of minutes have arrived a never seen creature enough big to make me think that he could being a sort of bodyguard of the dancers.
He have opened the wooden door, and with a bad glance he have looked at me, squaring me, and after a while he asked what did i wanted. 
With the folders close at my chest, i said: “Michelle is waiting for me”.
Only after heard the name of one of his dancer, his bad face have changed in the most angelic one the he have could do, and with a grimace that wanted being a smile, he have made me enter, but he said: “Now she is on the stage”, i have thanked him, and i went inside, and i have took sit in on a center table of the empty local, and i have began to look at my friend dancing.
She was really good.”


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