The next -5-

Morning i woke and i didn’t remember where i have ended. The light that entered from that window was different from the light of my office, but rubbing me well the eyes, i have moved away the blanket from my legs, and looking at me around, i have  recognized a couple of colorful ostrich feathers of Michelle, and scattered on the chair next to the couch a couple of costumes scene, and immediately i have remembered that she had collected me in the street, and she have bring to her aparment. 

It seemed, i was alone, but for being sure i have called the striptease dancer aloud, getting me up from that couch that slowly seemed wanted swallow me. 
I have had no replied. I went to her room, and the small salon with the his chaos was more ordined than the bedroom. I had to still wake up to reasoning on what to do.
I have taken five minutes to give me a glimpse around. 
The cupboard was opened with a couple if dresses left on the wardrobe door. They were ernomous, but of a certain elengance, i have touched the fabric and it seemed touching soft cloud, but when i found myself to stare my figure in the mirror of wardrobe, i have seen someone that i didn’t like at all, and i had stop go round in the Michelle’ aparment. 

I have returned in the small salon, and i went in the kitchen to prepare me a cup of coffee.
Her kitchen wasn’t only a long shelf with one only eletric stove, and a wall shelf  with those few dishes of which she had need, and a sink where the water of the faucet marked the time.

Only when i have taken the cup, i have notice the hand she had left me attached on the coffee machine a handnote, where she was say me: “Good morning little one, forgive me i have forgot that this morning, i had to wake earlier to make some commission in town, we see us in the striptease. Come when you want. Michelle”.
I have smiled, and i have waited for the coffee came out from the machine.

I have taken me another a bit of time. I have took sit on that couch. I have placed the cup of coffee on that small table in front of, and there, for the first time of that morning, my eyes have placed on that one your by now, spotted picture. 
I looked at me around, in search of a phone, but fortunately Michelle hadn’t one. It would not have make me jolt, and i have would not pour another coffee on that picture.
I had brought me even the Michelle handnote, and i have smiled once again read it.
I have could hear her sweet voice in my head while i was reading those few words in my mind, and i have thought it was better that we haven’t met. 
Come to think of it, it was better go back to the agency to collect all the reports Billy and Bob had given me, before disappearing and examining where you went, who you met, and how often you went back to the motel.

Ended my coffee, i placed the cup in the sink, just under the water, and for a couple of seconds i have stared the water drops that falling in the cup, i have calculated more or less in how much time the water had spent to fill the cup. I left that water, little by little, had filled the cup, drop by drop. 
Tidying up the couch i had slept on in place, i heard the sound of drops of water filling the cup, and just when i could no longer hear the rhythmic sound, i glanced towards the kitchen, and then i gave a quick glance to Michelle’s apartment, i took your picture and i took my dry raincoat from a rickety chair, which seemed to be standing by force of inertia, and i have came out.

Coming out from the Michelle apartment one of her neighbour have opened the door of house, but as soon that greenish being have seen me, he have immediately closed it once again. 
Going downstairs, i have realized that the creature have placed himself to see who was that other being who came out from the striptease dancer’s apartment, due that it was rare that the dancer had company. 
Entering in her apartment, she had warned me about those curious creatures who were living in that building.
When i was about to come out definitevely from that building, i faced over on the stairwell, and i have seen that that greenish creature was still looking for see me, and only when our glances have meet for a second, she have opened wided her big eyes and immediately,  she have retired her face, and i have could hear the door closing itself.

Had fun, i have came out from the building, and after a long of cloudy days, it was coming out a pale sun. 
With still the smile printed on face, i walked toward my office.”


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