Going – 6 –

Back in the office, finally i was seeing, maybe for the very first time, the faces of the inhabitants of that city. 
Some of them smiling and some who were attempting to smile, but the only kind of smile was a bitter grimace. 
When i have meeting them, i have moved away my glance toward another part, for fear to get annoy them with my happy face. 

I don’t know why, but that strange greenish creature on the same floor of Michelle’s apartment have make me felt happy, and for all my walk toward my office i have laughed alone, and the creatures i have met have looked at me strange, as if i was crazy. 
I was still laughing, when i arrived at my building, and in front of it, all my thoughts about you have comeback knocking the door of my head.
From the pocket of the raincoat, i have pulled out your picture, and one moment before enter in the building, i have looked it, and in one seconds are comeback all my thoughts. Bads and good.

I entered, and before insert the key in the keyhole, i have hoped that at least B&B, as i called Billy and Bob, they had returned. But my hopes vanished, as soon ai have opened the door. The chaos that they were capable to create, it wasn’t there yet, and a sense of malincholy have crossed me while i have crossed the aisle to enter in my office.
Their door was still opened, and i have glimpsed inside and i have seen many documents scattered on their desks one in front another, but what i that interested me was still in my office. 

I had read the first files that they had brought me, but then i had left all the others that were piling up one another. I was waiting for a moment of tranquillity, but now that moment was escaped way.
Now i hadn’t a moment to waste. 
All the files were piled up to my right side of the desk, each of them inside a brownish folder.

B&B, each day entered in my office with their black suit, and without say a words, they leaned their daily report on that side of  desk. They nodded and they left my office, without not even ask if i had need of something else.  
They knew, if i had needed of them it would have been the first thing i would say when i would meet one of them.
But in those latest days i was too absorb in my thoughts, that not even i have noticed them when they have entered to place their report on my desk.

I thrown the raincoat on the chair in front of my desk, not before to exctrat from it, your picture that it was becoming always more unrecognizable as much as it was creased. 
Before to read all those documents, i have decided to make a xeroxcopia of that picture, and i went in the B&B office. 
When i have found the machine, i have put that picture and i have pushed the button “copy”, and while i was waiting that it had ended, my thoughts have go around a bit everywhere. 
And when the machine have pulled her copy of the picture, i have looked at it for a while disgusted, and without thinking much i have creased it and i have thrown it inside the basket of garbage, but after a couple of seconds that i have stared that garbage basket, i have take it again, and with the original one in other hand, i went once again in my office.

I have take sit on my chair, staring that empty chair  that once was occupied by you. 
I have looked at that copy of your picture. I have remained more disgusted than before, but i have tried make me like it by force. I have squared it in any angolation possible, but the only things that i could see were those coffee spots that the telephone it had made me do jolting.

Letting it go, i have thrown my back on the back rest. Slowly i have turned my glance that pile of folders.
Throwing away all the air from the lungs, i took the first of that pyle, and i have opened it. 
I have started to read it.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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