Michelle -4 –

Have protected me till we arrived at her little apartement. She have have took me off the raincoat, by now full of rain, that not even him was able to absorb .
She have said: “Take sit darling, i come back soon”
Even she was completely wet, she went in bathroom and she return with two big towels, and one of them have gave me. I knew her well. She was that kind of  being who not stay firm a moment. I have looked her while she was drying herself walking across the apartment, and when she went in the kitchen to prepare something warm to drink, she have asked me: “So, darling what did you wanted say at the striptease?” 
But when she have cameback with the tea on the tray, she have stopped for a bit, and she have understood that something big have happened. 

She have looked at me astonished, and she have take sit next to me, moving away one of many ostrich feathers that she had scattered everywhere.
Without i had said nothing, she have gave me the warm cup of tea, and before i have could talk, she said: “I didn’t ever see you so… tell me”. It was useless go around it. I have pulled the spotted picture of you and i have placed it on the small table in front of that sort of couch full of scene dresses, and when i have looked at it, i have said the same the sentence that i said to Cyclope, even because it was the only phrase that i was capable to pronounce about you, since when the motel’ receptionist have called me, i have even said her that my others two collaborator of the agency were vanished.

She knew half story, and that it was time to tell her the other half.
Despite we had decided to taking us a break from each other, i knew that in someways, he could put himself in troubles. He had gave me the name of the motel in case i had need – and here i have shaked the head, looking at the very blond Michelle, who have rolled up her big green eyes. 
“The agency without him have halved the costumers, but i could not send away my two men, so i have gave him a paid job of survellaince. Even them are vanished. They had to only watchover him. 
This morning when i entered in the agency, their offices were opened, and there was anybody. Usually they arrived when i still sleep. When i woke, it seemed  me so strange that there were not their noises. Then that phone call”

I have looked at Michelle who was absolutely taken by every words i was saying her. Then when she have realized that i have stopped, she seemed waking herself from a dream, and for a bit we have looked at each other in silence, but then the last words seemed floating in that small apartment, and all of sudden, she have asked me: “What phone call?”
I have looked at her for a while, astonished, as if she hadn’t listened any words i have said her, but maybe i was me, and with a pause i have stared your picture, and with a low tone of voice i have continued: “That one i have received from the motel”. 
“I don’t from where i can start the search. He don’t vanish so, without say nothing. Then my men, from when he left the agency, each day they were those who left me a accurate report about his movements”.

This time Michelle was following each my reasoning, and she was nodding drinking that tea, by now cold.
She have thrown away all the air from her big lungs, and while she got dressing herself with a soft a delicate transparent nightie, she have looked at me, and at end, she have said: “Tonight you sleep here, and tomorrow as soon wake, we comeback to the striptease. They know him. Let’s see what they say, and little one, don’t worry. You will find him, and you will see that before to take another break, he will think twice. Now, look for to sleep”.

I have looked at Michelle and despite her big size, she was the being lighter that i had meet. She have comeback with a blanket and a pillow, and with her sweet smile she have wished me Goodnight.”


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