I was still so weak, and personally i didn’t knew the reason, even if everybody, were repeating it thousand times.
The only to who was given right was Molly, who was curing me, making me drink some of her magical potion. 
Maurice have shyly smiled me, having recognized the drink that Molly was about to give me, and he have nodded came closer joking:”I should insert it among the new drinks!” looking at Molly who have said: “Drink it slow! You will see that in short you will feel better.”

You was attending to all this in silence and almost in aloof, was looking at me, but when i have called you, our eyes have meet each other, all the other have moved away, looking for to do something else, but everybody wanted see us.
They stopped themselves where they were, and have stared that small moment of reunion among you and me.
You have took sit close to me and you have embraced me like you have done before, with all the delicateness that you have could give me, and asking me: “How do you feel?” you have elongated me the Molly drink. 
“You drink it”, and with a lovely glance i have asked you: “How it went?”

It seemed i didn’t remember nothing, but here have intervened Lewis, the last one arrived, and with his sweet face have smiled, making me see all that dust that he had collect in his paw, and making it fall on the table, he have said: “You have pulverized them girl” and so he have looked at you, and he have nodded you, in sign of grateful.
I stared Lewis with wide eyes open, and then i turned toward you, and you have had to only confirmed with a bit more of details what the Walrus had emphasized with that phrase.

“I was outside of my pub, as you have left me, but when the sky have changed their colors, i have came closer to Maurice’s pub, i knew if i was entered i have would ruined everything on we had worked on, so i have take sit in that bench outside to the opposite of pub. I have seen everything. It seemed that it haven’t happening nothing special, but when i seen the little army around the table crumbling and become dust, i have understand that something big was happening. Sincerely i didn’t have recognized you  from behind. But then i have comprehend that were you, when Molly have ran toward that table, and you got up yourself, making space to my small fairy. 
I have seen your worry glance, and from that glance i have understand that she had accomplished one of powerful spell, and she had spent all her energies. Only when i noticed that the sky have become once again blue, i have glimpsed better inside and i have seen all that dust on the floor, i have understand that everything was really over.
Before enter i have have wanted to wait a bit. I have checked that there was no any backfire, and here i am”, had told Lewis, looking at everbody who in meanwhile have closer to hear that fantastic report.

I have remained speechless while i was listening to Lewis’story, and ocassionally i have thrown a glance to you, who sweetly was keeping my hand, and when you have meeting my gaze, the only thing you have could do was nodding to each Lewis’words, as if he was the storyteller of all this adventure.
But when have everybody have looked at toward our part, you first have looked at me, then you have looked at one by one, and slowly you have said: “We know what you are thinking. Each time it is the same even for us. And now?”
For a bit there was silent, and then i have reprised your speech.

“At this point we have would said rebuild your community, give to your fallen a worthy place, but to you we can only say take care of each other, we have gave you only that help that you could not give each other. That portal have been moved away and i believe that anybody cant annoy you no more. Maurice rebuild this pub, and i give you and advice: invest on Lewis, he is a good partner. 
You unite your forces, and you will be one of the strongest dimension in which we have been.”

At those words Molly have move herself and she have came closer to his Lewis who have embraced her delicately.
Everybody knew that those, maybe were the latest minutes in which they have could see us.
Jules have came closer to you and he have sighed: “We have to bring her to rest she is very tired” and looking at me, you have sweetly smiled, and delicately you have taken me beteween your arms, and with everybody to following, we have left the Maurice’s Pub. I have lift the face toward the sky, and it was like Lewis have described it 


Listen to it



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