Staring – 3 –

My reflex inside that glass, for a long minute i was estranged myself from where i was, and suddenly in my ears i have hear your voice,  with your latest phrase that you have told me, and for a second i believe that you was cameback in that striptease in which we usually we taking a drink, after a long hard day of work.

Distractly i have lifted the face to see the new costumers entering in that noisy and smoky local.
They have throw a quick gaze toward my stool to see who was looking at. Seemed i was a ghost.  They neither have a gentle beckon toward a young woman. 

Only the Cyclope was working around my place, throwing ocassionally a glance toward me, checking i was really ok.
I was waiting that Michelle, the striptease dancer had ended make go crazy the audience, and when someone in the middle of the audience have screamed: “Another round for everybody!”  the job of the dancer was over. Another few rounds on the stage and the speaker have thanked everybody remembering them that the fabolous Michelle would back tomorrow night.
After have served a drunk customer at counter, the Cyclope have come back to me, confirming that within few minutes i would could enter in the Michelle’ dressing room, but after noticed my total absence, he have snapped his fingers a couple of times, and he have repeated what he had said few minute earlier. 

As  an automaton, i have smiled him, but sincerely i hadn’t understood what he had said, but when the waiter have comeback to me, confirming that i have would could go in the backstage, i have remembered the reason i went in that striptease. But realizing everything, having still your picture in front, i placed it inside the raincoat, i have looked them, and i have sighed: “It don’t matter, i will pass another day, thank! I have left the money on the counter, and lifting the collar, i have left the striptease.

I had the mind in confusion. I was clashing with each one i was meeting in street. Now  i didn’t expected their excuses. I was going back in that office that, from we had decided to take us a break from each other, have become my place where i could sleep.
But all of sudden, my arm have taken by someone, and i have had to stopped myself.
I had recognized the strong hold, and a sweet voice have called me. 
Turning me round, i had the confirmation that it was Michelle. 

“In the striptease pub the Cyclope and the waiter had said me that you have come to speak to me, why you have not wait for me? They said me, it seemed something very important!”
While she was saying this, she have realize that i was so agitated.
“What’s happened? Let’s go. Tonight you haven’t to stay alone. You will tell me everything with all calm at home”
Usually when she ha said “home” she wanted mean her house.

I have left that guided me her and she have turned me toward the opposite side of where i was going to.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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Michelle -4 –⇒

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