By now, that waiting  had to end. The atmosphere in the Maurice pub was became unbearable, and even the pale creature knew that was  nothing to do to escape from that trap that, little by little, making itself  tighter, and everybody  were waiting for that it was came out from my mouth.

Before to say it, i had to being sure that Jules had warned everybody, and only when i have glimpsed his  yellowish eyes, he made me sign that he had perceived all my signs, closing his eyes and opening them a couple of time rhytmically.
Having that confirmation, i have cameback to stare the being in front of me, and in a sighed i have repeated my latest question, as if it was an ultimatum. 

Your hand have tightened mine stronger, and you have thrown me a quick glance, then you have comeback to stare the table in front of you, and just few seconds before i had opened the mouth to reply to that question i had made to the being, you have sighed my name.
I knew what you would have wanted say me, but this time i didn’t wanted listen to anybody, not even to you, and having the awareness to put the word end at all this, i have hold back the breathe, but something have surprised me, and it have stopped me once again.

“I know, i have lost, but before make me collect all my army next to me” he have said, and magically the pub lights have illuminated the beings that little by little, had invaded the city, in waiting for their leaders that they have never arrived.
You have lifted the face just for see all those creatures, who were have been called by their chief make their surrender, and see what it would have happened after i would pushed that invisible button in the middle of that table.

Perhaps it was useless pronounce that unique word, or maybe it was just what they were waiting for. 
I have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and i have looked at straight into the eyes of that being who was waiting for my sentence as a death condamned. 
And when he asked me: “What they are for?”, uncoditionally i was missed the breathe, but right after i have looked at him, challenging him, and when i have replied: “To NOTHING”, a cold atmosphere fallen in the pub, and a buzz have raised all around, and only when you have looked at me, i have thought to not had made it, and  i have lean myself to you.

Saying those two simpe words, i had found the right magical potion, but at the same time i had spent all my energies, and you was checking that i was ok, while everything around in that pub was changing.
But what you had noticed immediately, have been the pale creature in front of you, seemed wounded, and from his cheeck was coming out blood, and slowly those tribal sign on chin were vanishing.

Now was you who had to take control the situation. You could not call none of our friends, beacuse you didn’t knew what it would have happened in those next seconds, and everybody would not have move for fear of the reaction of those creatures around us, but slowly, you have noticed something that it have calm you a bit.
The little army around the pale being  was pulverizing, and one by one of those creatures, was falling on the ground in dust.
You was looking at one by one, in your mind was running the same thought that was in that pale creature in front of you, and when you have met his glance, with a thread of voice, he have said: “to destroy an army, like she have did, it’s very pwerful and brave. You have to being proud of her”, and while he was sayng you this, you have could se that it was printing on his face something that looked like his end.

The other at the counter, were assisting to the inevitable end of that bad adventure, but they were waiting for to assist me, above all Molly who was very agitated in seeing me so weak, and to wait for everything was over, for that one small fairy was a torture. She would have wanted came to see if had need of some cures, but she have been stopped by Jules who have assured her that i was ok, above all if i was next to you. She have looked at him, and after a couple of glances toward that table, and after a glimpse to the way you was embracing me, she have calmed herself.  

And only when you have started see that the pale creature have started crumbling himself, you have tightened me stronger. 
Only after that that body it was totally disintegrated, and around us have remained only small particles become dust, you have turned toward me and you have called everybody.
Molly have checked that i had need of some cures, and you have always kept my hand. 

Everybody else have assured themselves that was really over, and when from the main entrance have entered Lewis everybody have sighed and smiled him.”



Listen to it⇓⇓




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