With – 2 –

You in mind, i  have passed half afternoon looking at your picture, thinking to do something, and i’ve decided i came out. I have would not do nothing good in that empty room with only a disconfortable couch, in which with you, i have slept many times embraced, but now it was a couch that i have would wanted throw in the garbage.

Looking at myself around i thought that i had to do something, at least attempt, i have closed the door and i have taken the courage to throw myself in that street in which i didn’t feel secure at all.
I have liftted up the collar of that raincoat and i have came out. 

In that city was raining five days on seven, and  there was a traffic jam of umbrellas usually black, and walk was always a slalom.

Luckily, i was capable to isolate me in that middle of that chaos and going where i had to go it was simple: always straight then turn toward left.
That time,  i was walking with a certain hurry, and i clashed myself several times with several citizen of that rainy city. Each time i have excused me, but seemed that they not even, have hear me. At the third time clash with the umpteenth inhabitant, i went straight toward my way, thinking: “Fuck, they don’t see anyone!” and i have throw a bad glance to the last one who have almost made me fall on the ground. He have looked at me as if the guilt was mine. I was about to say him something, but i have hold myself. 

I was too nervous for others reasons, and it was useless feed the anger inside me, with those stupid things. 
I have preffered go ahead. I have hid me more inside the collar of the raincoat. 
Fortunately, where i had to go was was close, and when i entered in that striptease, all the lights were pointed on the stage where a dancer girl i knew, was dancing, and all the eyes of the audience were pointed toward the stage.

Drying from that damned rain, i have sitting on one of the stool in front of the counter.
With the few raindrops i had on my hair, i have splashed the barman who have came to serve me. 
I have looked at him without excuse me, and i have order my favorite drink, and without ask what it was, the barman he have smiled me and in less of one minute, i was drinking my drink.

Looking toward the stage he said: “Tonight she is exceeding herself, she making going crazy everybody” and he have looked at me with the only eyes he had in the middle of the face.
“Yes, each time i see her i remain speechless, she is very good. I should speak with her after her show, can you say her, please? It’s a very important thing”
The cyclope have looked at me, and his glance have changed: he had understand that it was a serious thing from my low tone of voice.
Only making a beckon to a waiter, one of the centaurus who were serving at the tables, have reached the counter, and the Cyclope have sighed him something and the waiter have left us, taking others orders that the barman, in meanwhile had prepared for the customers at the tables. 

When we have remained alone, and after i have ended my drink, almost in one sip, the Cyclope have looked at me with all the seriousness, and without rounding it around, he have made me that question that wanted make me from before. Maybe he was the only creature in that neighborhood that was capable to catch each small shade of my personality, and that time, there was no need that he made any question. 
I have looked at him for a long moment in silence, and while the sexy music have began once again to turn on the audience, i have looked him straight into the only one eyes of the big creature, behind the counter, and i have pulled out your spotted picture, and placing it on the counter, throwing away all the air from the lungs, i have said: “Last night, he’s not comeback in the motel.”

I didn’t have seen his reaction. I have just seen that he had elongated me another glass of that brownish drink, and i have mirrored inside.”


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