After a long pause that seeme last an eternity, the pale creature have looked at me straight into my eyes. 
I have hold back the breathe, and only when Maurice, all of sudden, seemed vanish in the void, we remained below that triangle of light, and very slow that creature seemed open himself, and that bad glance slowly, it have changed.

I have remained breathless, looking for to see beyond him. It seemed that with that question, i have targeted his weak point, and now that creature, till that moment, seen under a point view totally different, it was tranforming in a quite another creature.
It seemed that he could not wait that someone made him that question, and naturally nobody had the courage to  do. He had have to wait to this situation to confess something that he would have wanted to do much before. 
He have had to wait my arrive with with my impundence, and above all my courage to face up to a creature of which i didn’t knew nothing about.

In that silence it was running everything: fear, doubts, thoughts, other thousand questions, but above all, my main question: “Why he doesn’t talk?”
Like everybody, you was staring that table, but you was moving  laterally toward the left wall, searching reach the table from behind me. You could not, and above all you didn’t wanted that i was alone in front of that being, that even could go crazy, and maybe he could hurts me. 

Molly have notice your movement, and she had looked at you with wide eyes open, and she have called you. You have stopped for a bit, and  with few glances you have made her understand that you could not stay there.
“I have to do something”, and in that phrase, Molly have comprehend your anxious, and she have nodded, and with few gestures she have covered you by her magical dust, and she have said: “You can go everywhere, but hurry, i don’t know how long it cant last!”  
You have looked at for a second and leaving her at the counter, ou have thanked her. She have looked at you, throwing all the air from the lungs, and she have seen you vanish in the darkness of the pub.

I was still in front of the pale creature, who seemed excited more than before, and only when he have said Maurice that he could go away, i have understand yourself was approached from behind, and when i recognized your breathe, your name have dead in my throat. 
Maurice didn’t understand what was happening, but the haven’t waited not even a minute more and only when have seen you, he have nervousely smiled you and he went away running toward the counter. 

I could not wait to see your face. When you entered in that triangle of light, i have sighed your name, and with only your glance, you have asked: “Are you ok?” and i have nodded, while you have take sit next to me, and below the table our hands tightened each other strong.
For a moment the glance of the pale creature have become once again hard when he have looked at you for a bit, but when he have turned the glance toward mine, he made a grimace and he have started to talk. 

“I suppose she is your girlfriend…” he haven’t waited your answer, but he have continue straight toward his way, while you have looked at me, asking in silence what i had done, but already you knew it, and you knew well that now it was his moment, and everybody, me included, were awaiting for his reply, but it seemed that he was wasting time, because i knew how he would have replied, now he was just waiting for that i would sink him.
“You know, what are they for?” indicating those his signs, and that creature have started once again to stare at me with a bit of fear, but he knew that, by know when i would ended that sentence, he would arrived to a crossroad, and for the very first time, we would have defeat our enemy, pronouncing a simple word, without blood spreading, neither death around. 

Me, even had a fucked dread. I knew that pronuoncing that word, it would be happened something, and for now  i was hope that Jules was reading those small excerpts of my thoughts in which i was warning everybody to being ready for everything.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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