You was looking at, above all, each moves i was doing, and you was noticing that i have came closer to the place of Maurice, and when i place my hand on his shoulder, you have seen that i have waited for the approvation of the pale creature to sit. 

When i sat, with all yourself you have would wanted to come at that table, but the hand of Molly have stopped you once again. You would wanted to do as i did, buit you knew better than everybody there, that i would been capable to solve that serious situation all alone. 
You have looked at the hand of Molly gripped on your arm, and when your glance have met her, you have nodded, so the fairy have left the hold. 

When Maurice have moved a bit himself from the bench, i have take a sit, without stick off the glance from the pale creature, and with a theatrical gesture he have invited me to make part of that conversation.
When for the very first time, i have seen well that face, my heart have began to beat really strong, and i have believed that it could have splash out from my chest. 
I have could hear my blood running fast through my veins.
For a couple of minutes, i have been to stare at him without breathing.
I was looking at him, searching for to catch each small particulars of his face, looking for to collect each silent information that he could and wanted give me.

We have looked at each other for an endless time. I have studying him, and surely, he was doing the same with me. 
What have impressed me was his skin, that to the contrary of how he have been always described, it wasn’t pale but almost ice blue, and i have could see his red veins through his bare chest.
His glance straight into mine didn’t have transpired none emotion, or what he was thinking in those instants. 
The only thing have really impressed me, were those deep blue eyes and those sign on his chin, and i have taken cue from them to start to talk.

“You have to be proud to have them” and i have indicated them, moving fast my finger toward his face.
Maurice, was looking at me very scared, and i would could swear to have hear him say me “Please don’t pointing him!”, but maybe it was only an impression, but his glance was saying just like this.
I knew that it could be dangerous tease him, but it was what i wanted. I wanted know how far I could push myself, and without thinking much i have pulled out the sentence i had i mind, since when i have stop myself to look at the tatoos in his face, and looking at straight into his eyes, i have came closer to him, and in a sigh, i have said, always pointing my finger against his face: “Tell me, now, how much they worthing?”

I was feeling all the eyes set on me, and for a second i have could hear you that whispering my name. Molly have looked at you with wide eyes open, and from Jules’ mouth have came out: “Oh shit!”
Everybody knew that that question have would provoked a strong reaction, but none of us knew in which way.
Now Maurice still next to me, have could not hold himself, and he have thrown a glance toward me, and he have sighed my name throwing away all the air from his body. 
Instead, i was still holding back the breathe, thinking how much far i had thrown that bomb, and i was still waiting for that the pale being replied me. 

I was hearing how much fuss i had raised among those creatures who were inside the pub, and despite they knew that it was a danger stay there, they haven’t moved a finger. They have been firm where they were. Unconditionally, they knew that it was for their safety, that they have not to move, even if that fire would have been turn on at any moment.
And i knew that with that provocation, i would had  a reaction, but it have been a reaction that not even me i would have expected.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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