Here you are

Your soft embrace around my belly, while you sweetly turn me toward you. 

Our glances meet each other, and your gentle words are transporting us in Our Parallel World, and unison we throw away all the air from the lungs.
You are looking at me in silence, while our souls are merging one another, and despite our distance  we feel our closeness make it always stronger.

Your arms are tighening me more to you, and your breath is wrapping me delicately.

I feel our electric shocks crossing our minds, and it’s the most beautiful sensation i can feel in these moments. 
I feel you so close to me. Our soft punch in the stomach is linking us. Even you are feeling it. 

Everything is so wonderful. 
Everything is enveloping us and it is uniting us always more.
Our hearts are beating so strong, and all this is  the most beautiful magic that we are living together.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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