We were looking at that scene that slowly was changing, and unconditionally was changing our moods, and that questiont that have came out from my mouth first, was filling the other mouths of the other creatures hypnotized by the atmosphere that was increasing.  

Every outside sounds were vanish, and only one sound was increasing in and around every being in that pub.
A continuos sound that, in someways got calming everybody.
We have looked at each other questioning us: “What is happening?”
Very slow, i have turned toward Jules, who was trying to enter in the mind of the pale being, but the more he was attempting, the more he was meeting an invisible wall, and he have looked at me several times, making me understand that he wasn’t capable to capture any thoughts from that creature.

In those instants, the only who could hear him was Maurice, once he had opened the mouth.
The pale creature, knew that he had all the time of that dimension for talk, and that that atmosphere had got slow everything around, and when everything have ended seemed  that were passed only few minutes.
That spell had enchanted even Molly, who was try to opposite to it, but it was useless. That spell he was doing was stronger than hers, and so she have thrown a glance toward us dejected.

We have could only figured what about he wanted talk.
He was looking at Maurice in silence, and when he have took some sips from the new drink that the barman had brought, he clearified his deep voice, and when he have coughed, he made him jolted, while he was looking at straight into his eyes.
With the corner of the eye, Maurice was capable to see all his friends at counter, and when he have met the yellowish eyes of Jules asking help, but the pale being looking at him, he have said: “He can’t help you. I know there are all of your friends here, but here we are only you and me, and none can give you and helping hand.”

Despite it was a whisper, what he have said Maurice, it have reached everybody, and it have made along all our back a shiver, that seemed a cold blade. 
I have tightened myself more to you, and we have continue to see that slow scene.

Maurice have looked at the being in front of him, by now aware of the whole situation, have began to stare the pale creature without any other distraction and he have swallowed his latest thought for fear that he could read it.
“By now the time that my leaders have given me to check everything is over. They had to arrive, but they didn’t. What should i do?” He have said looking at straight the Maurice eyes, who was looking for don’t stick off his eyes from his interlocutor, but he was searching for someone who could help him.

By now those whispers were well audible in whole pub, and that latest sentence, it sounded like a threat, and in Maurice’s glance we have could see the real terror that the pale being could unleash something that nobody could not stop.
We could understand the facial expression of the pale creature have becoming always more serious from the Maurice’ eyes always more widening, and without thinking much i have set myself free from your embrace, and i have exceeded the counter, while everybody, and above all you, was saying “What are doing?! Comeback!”. Naturally, i  haven’t listen to nobody, and really slow i have reached the concrete columnn. 

From the Maurice astonished glance, the pale creature had comprehend that someone have arrived next to the table, but he didn’t have say nothing. He have continued to stare Maurice, who didn’t know where look at: if straight, or take a look at that concrete column. 
He have just wait for the moment in which i would have came out. He have continued to look at Maurice, and only when he have repeated the question that have shaked everybody in that local, he have had the effect that he had expected. I have came out and almost without look at him, i have asked: “And then? What do you expect?”
Then we have shared a glance without make feel the other what we were feeling. 

You was still behind the counter, and you was about to come to me, but Molly have stopped you holding you by an arms, she have whispered: “Let her do. She know what is doing. I would not do better.”
You have looked at her surprised of what she have said and astonished of what you was looking at. 
I was facing up to that pale  creature without any fear that he could attack me.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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