We everybody, have take a look beyoynd the overhead door, and we have seen the pale creature who wanted only exclusively Maurice for his orders, and we have seen that the pale being had ordered Maurice to sit at his table, and fortunately we have could see Maurice in face, and Jules could translate for us what he was hear. 

With Molly, we had shared a glance, questioning us what the pale creature wanted to know from Maurice.
Maurice when have sat  at his table, have been accompanied by the maid who was at the counter. She have waited for a couple of minutes in silence, and when the being wasn’t talk, she have looked at Maurice, and the barman have made her understand to bring another glass of the same drink in that glass that the pale creature had not even touched. 
The maid have looked at Maurice for a couple of second, as if he didn’t have seen the glass still full, but Maurice with a rough tone of voice have said her to go and comeback with that new glass.

We have seen the whole scene, and when you have noticed the seriousness of Maurice toward that maid, you have understand the perks of that moment, and without thinking much you have opened the overhead door, and in a blink, you  have place yourself behind the counter, preparing that drink with the only few bottles in front of you, hoping that was that one right.

When the maid have arrived at the counter, she have jolted but after a couple of seconds, she have recognized you, as the notorius friend of Maurice. While there have been a quick glance between you, without speak, you have asked her, if what you was doing was right, and the maid, a chamaleon girl with a squinting eye, and without make others notice, have made you understand that you had to add more liquid from the second bottle, and so you have done, and as if you was another member of that pub, you have placed that new glass on the tray of that maid, who have left, looking at you with much curiosity, but as soon she have seen you, in someways, collaborate she have smiled you and for an shortest time, her squinting eye seemed pointed straight into yours. 

Starting to  clean some glasses in the sink, you have looked at that scene that was developing in front of you.
Maurice was still staring the pale being, and only when the maid have cameback with that glass, only with a glance, Maurice have prayed her to don’t being disturb them. 
She have understand immediately the order of his boss, but with her unique gaze, she have said: “Be careful”, and she left them one in front another in silence.

After she have comeback to the counter where was always you, she have shared a glimpse, and she have given you the tray, and she have placed herself on one of the stool and she have started to look tward that table, where, by now each costumer were looking at.
Now the whole attention of the pub have set on that table, and without danger, even me, Jules and Molly have came out from the small overhead door, and immediately we have came closer to you.
I have came next to you, and sweetly you have placed behind me for support me better and above all, to protect me in any case.

I have shared with you a questioning glance, and you didn’t know what reply, but with just a quick: “Let’s see what happen”, you have almost assured me, and tightening us always more, we have cameback to see toward that table.
Slowly we were realizing that the music from the jukebox have stopped, and those annoy lights have turned off, and slowly that noisy enviroment, was becoming calmer than Lewis’s pub, and when the silence have surrounded  everything, and the table that hosting Maurice and the pale being, was the only one illuminated by the unique lamp over it, seemed to assist to a scene of a noir movie.
That triangle of light was illuminate only the two creatures.
Till that moment the pale creature hadn’t say a words, but he was staring Maurice with his glacial eyes, and inside the local  the only noise was his breathe that seemed envelope everybody. 

We everybody seemed freezed by that atmosphere that the being have been capable to create. I have lean myself more to your chest, and i have sighed your name a couple of times, and only when  i feel your arms have surrounding my belly, i have throw away all the air from the lungs.”



Listen to it⇓⇓




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