We had left Lewis outside his pub, and with Molly and Jules, we were reaching Maurice.

Along the street, Molly was summerizing us what she had talk about with Jules, and what she was saying it didn’t like us much, but we could not do anything about it. We had to only accepted it.
She was saying us that, now that the pale creature, most likely had realized that his leaders have would not came no longer, his anger would be increased still more and he would got in confusion, and that confusion, would have been more dangerous than any other leader. 

Very slow, we were comprehending what she was saying, and we have comprehended why they have been woke all night. They were studyind another plan, but till now the genius mind of Molly hadn’t pulled out nothing good, and now, we everybody were going in the wolf ‘s lair. 

“Surely, he haven’t collected all the other his similar. If their leaders have sent him first, there is a valid reason.” you said, and you have added: “We are always in advantage. We can find that reason and overturn it at our advantage.
We have to go to Maurice now, we haven’t to leave him alone in the middle of those creatures. Now we have to count on ourselves, hoping that Maurice have told to the maids what we have discovered and find someone more who want help us.” You had said the latest sentence with less conviction than you have expected, and everybody have perceived it. 
Pretending nothing, i have hold your hand tighening it strong, and only when we have restart our walk, you have thrown a glance and you have shrugged. In silence, i have said you to don’t being worry, and having share a sweet gaze to you have said: “It will be ok.”

At a certain point, Molly have stopped everybody, and she have indicated us a small way and with a low tone of voice she have said to follow her, while she was flying making us light with her magical light. 
We were lost ourselves in our words, that almost we have forget to follow Maurice’s instructions. 
To enter from the main entrance  was a clear invite to the pale creature to attack us,  figuring his mood.
Knowing him, Maurice have preferred make us enter from the service’s door, and this time have enter even Molly

We have could hear the noise of the main local, even from the farest point of the building. 
Jules have reached Maurice with the telepathy, and without make himself notice, Maurice have left the counter for  a couple of minutes, checking that none have miss their preferred drink.

He have left the counter to one of the maid more qualified, and when he have seen us he have made us enter in a small room, just behind the overhead door, and only when he seemed take again breathe, he have said: “He’s here, he’s arrived upset. He have ordered his usual drink, but he have not drink not even a sip.”  Maurice have taken you and he have made you see him sat at the same table, and you have could see his back. “Today he have preferred sat there to see who entering… he’s still waiting that someone enter from that door” Maurice have said giving you a soft pat on your shoulder. 

He knew  that he had to be careful with his manifestation of joy, above all in those moments. 
You have would wanted share that moment with much more enthusiasm, but you could not do, but you have gave him back the pat, and you have continued to look at him, and you have thrown a quick glance toward who have entered in that instant throught the door. Maurice have checked it, and with his another pat on your shoulder, you have looked at him. 

Maurice have invited you follow him and when you both have reach us, the barman have said: “Since when he have comeback today, he have place himself at his table and he haven’t still drink not even a sip from that glass that he have ordered directly to me. When i have cameback with the drink, he asked me about you, but i have pretend nothing, and i haven’t say nothing. But despite he is disoriented, he have you in mind. I say you be careful whatever you have thought to do.” And right after said that, we have heard the maid who Maurice had left behind the counter, screaming his name, and Maurice have looked at us with wide eyes open, and repeating to being careful, he have left us, and we everybody have recognized the voice of who have claimed him aloud, and we have looked at us astonished.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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