Sweetly we fallen asleep one embraced another, and we have slept till when we have heard the big and deep voice of Lewis resounding in all the pub, saluting Molly and Jules who were still sit in front of that table.
I have been the first to open the eyes, and listen the voices in the pub.
I was still embraced by you, and for a moment i have placed once again the head on your chest, and i have heard your heart beating slow. 

For endless seconds, i have been surrounded by a sense of tranquillity that i had forget, but when i heard again Molly voice, i woke you in the sweetest way possible. Unfastening your shirt and slide my hand inside of it, kissing your bare chest, calling your name.

When you have opened the eyes,  our eyes have met for a couple of minutes,  and for that short time we had forget where we were, and we were about to dive in our intimacy, but when the voice of Lewis have reached us once again, we have stared each other, and sweetly we got up.
“Were they have been stay woke all the time?” you asked. As reply i shrugged, but in a sigh, i have said: “I think so”, and so you have opened the small door that was dividing that small room from the rest of the local.

Together we have crossed the aisle, and though the kitchen we have exceeded the door that open itself and we have seen for the first time Molly, Jules and Lewis who were settling the pub at its better to host the unlikely costumers who would have to come that day, then they have cameback to talk.
I have left your hand and i have came closer to Lewis who behind the counter, and he was placing in row all those glasses that he had inside the sink. Gently he have asked me if i had slept well, underlining that sort of bed that was in that room. “Aw! I slept well, i always slept well among his arms” indicating you who was looking Molly and Jules who were still murmuring something.

Lewis have smiled, offering me a sort of breakfast, putting it in front of me on that counter.
He have placed the same to you, and you have thanked him, looking at very curious the others two, who seemed really taken by what they were talking about. And moving away the glance to them toward Lewis, you have asked: “What they are talking about?” 
Lewis have looked at him overwhelmed. He didn’t know how to reply you. He have simply shrugged.
“When i woke i found them at that table talking. Molly have me the breakfast as she have usual and then she have came back to talk with Jules. When i woke they have settled the couch and then she have asked me if i had need of something, but i have said her no, and she have cameback to Jules” he have explained very slow.

I went in front of the wall, and i had notice that that small vortex had stop turn. I have called you, and i made you see it, and looking at me, you have supposed that their talk was about that, and without thinking much, i have said: “Let’s ask them!” and i went directly toward Molly and Jules, who have looked at us, as if we already knew what they were talking about, and Molly have invited us to sit, and Molly have started to talk.
“When i have noticed the vortex have stopped to suck those few debris still on the ground, i have called Jules, and i said him to contact immediately Maurice and say him that now the portal have been sucessfully deviate, but we have said Maurice to have a glimpse everywhere, and now each strange movements from the pale creature had to seen as a warning!”

You have listened to every Molly word with careful, and while you was looking at yourself around, you was thinking what say, and those words had to being simple and immediately comprehend.
Now also Lewis have came to us, and only when the big walrus have take a sit, you have looked at Jules who knew have to continue communicate with Maurice each thing you was about to say.
You have stared Jules, and the black creature have nodded. He was ready.
“Maurice, now have to be careful more than ever. The portal seemed being moved to another place. The big vortex that we have seen have vanish, and i don’t believe that the leaders can enter. The Molly’s idea was that one right. Now if everything goes as it have to go, and as we imagine, the pale creature will take control, and he will become him the leader. Be careful. In short time we arrive

We everybody have looked at Jules who seemed wait for the Maurice reply, and  in few seconds, he have said us what Maurice had communicated him.
Then Jules, have described a new street to reach the pub without make us notice. Ended we everybody have looked at Molly who knew where she have would brought us.
Then Lewis have accompanied us outside, and he have remained there for a bit sat on a solid bench to take a while of fresh air.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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