After that evening, breaking walls, you have looked at me and you was about to say our friends that was time to rest, but Lewis have thought that it was better that everybody, included Jules, have would have to sleep inside the pub, and with a quick impulse he went to close the main rolling shutter of the glass door, and he have indicate us, a small room behind the aisle between the counter and the kitchen, and he have prayed Molly to make us see it.

Following her, we have looked at each other, and only when she was sure that Lewis have couldn’t hear her, she said: “Even, if i have some powerful spell, now with that wall in that state, he feel himself more secure if  around him there is someone else. He didn’t have said me, but i know him better than anyone else. He didn’t have say it directly, but it ‘s a thought that he had til the wall have  fallen in front of him.” 
Only when she have opened the door, she have stopped to talk.  
She have make us enter, and without any reply she have left us with  one of the sweetest “Rest yourself, and once again thank you”.

When she have left us inside the small room, we have looked at each other, and we have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and when you have sit on that small bed even for us, you have made a funny face, and that same thought, have crossed simoutaneously our mind, and sweetly we have smiled.
“Lewis is one of the sweet and tender creature we have met, if would happen him something, i would don’t forgive myself ever” i have said sitting close to you, taking your hand, and at end looking at you. 
You have listened to in silence, delicately crossing your fingers with mine, and just when we have shared one the deepest glance, you have said: “We are here for him. Molly have demonstrate a courage like your, and Jules, is a great resource. If we want, we can destroy everything with these fantastic creatures, but now we have to satisfy the Lewis’ desire: stay together in case of emergency”, and you have left the speech in suspended. We knew what you want say.

I got up: you was about to asked me where i going but you have understood immediately and you have followed me. I have opened the door of that small room, and i have crosed the aisle, and from there i have could see those three creatures so different between them, sitting in front of that invisible wall, while all of a sudden the light inside of the pub have turned off, and those big shadows, have remained to stare that wall that was no longer. 
Only the iridiscent wings of that marvalleous fairy, have spreaded a soft light inside the pub. 

Lewis had said: “Tonight i will remain wake to control the situation” and Molly hadn’t say no to the big Walrus, but she knew that she as soon was spreaded her magical dust, Lewis would be tranquilized, and we were assisting to that small magic. 
Everything around in that room, was becoming bright, and those particles had enveloped Lewis without that the big creature have realized, and like a soft and warm blanket, Molly have embraced him sweetly. 
She was next to him, and when she had realized that he fallen asleep, with few gestures, she had united another couch to that one in which Lewis was and sweetly, she have settled him better.

She have taken a glance to Jules, that we had just distinguish thank only his yellow eyes, and she have made understand she wanted talk.
Jules got up and he have followed her.
Surely, she have wanted talk about next moves. Mollly seemed don’t being tired, and her head seemed explode like a volcano. They took a sit far from Lewis, who snored peacefully.

Even you was tired, and delicately you have taken my hand, and make me notice that we had to rest to being ready for any eventuality. I was trying to hear what that strange couple was saying. but they were speaking low, and you have distracted me smiling me, and with your soft tone of voice you have said: “Let’s go”, and i have could not say you no, and slowly we have cameback in that small room where was a skimpy bed, and only when you have lean on it, you have welcomed me in your arms. 
And only when i have heardt your heart beating, i have thrown away all the air from the lungs, lifting the face and our eyes have met.
After a shy smile, you have said how much you loved me, and your lips have caressed mine.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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