Our connection

It’s becoming strong. My soft punch in the stomach is slowly growing. It’s very strange what i’m feeling. You are looking at me in this way, but it’s from  before that i’m feeling like this.
It’s useless say it: something will happen, i know, and we know it both. 

Everything it’s so wonderful when these emotions envelope us, despite all. 
Our hearts starting to beating strong. What we are feeling inside us, it’s Our Parallel World that say us that everything this is real. 
Our minds are get connect each other in the faster way. 
I feeling your embrace around my belly, and what you feel?
I’m starting to shake, and everything turn around our emotions
Yesterday i have felt our small electric shock crossing our mind, and it have begin to round slow.

And now your closeness is here. Your embrace, our minds connected, and eveything is so wonderful when this magical potion running in our veins…  and those eyes straight into mine, while our hearts beats like two jackhammer. 

I have to throw away all the air from the lungs…. if will happen something later it will be the confirmation of all this is real.

I think to you


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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