Before Maurice had left us definitively, you have accompanied him to the entrance and have said: “Be careful”, and you have gave him a pat on his shoulder, and you have looked that elegant barman walking along that dark street, while inside the pub of Lewis everybody were staring at you, and we have waited for you entered again.

Closed the door, a dreadful silence have enveloped the enviroment, and each of us have looked the occupants with one only question in mind.
“And now?”
Only when Molly have stared one by one, the others, she have taken one of the pickaxe and she have enlongated it toward you and you have started to break down another part of the wall of the pub. 
Only after a couple of solitary hits, Jules have started to hit the other part of it, and in only few hits, the wall of the paydesk have totally fallen.
Lewis was sat in front, and when that wall were became only debris, he have got up, and have came closer, and he have given a glance beyond the wall, as if he could have see something. And, yes, there was something.

A sort of black hole that little by little was becoming always smaller. 
When he have got up, we have looked at him in silence, but only a soft sigh was saying: “Be careful!”
And who was talking was Molly, because she had noticed that now that portal, was sucking to the opposite, and she have stopped Lewis in time when he he have enloganted his paws toward that black hole in front of him.
She have indicated the debris that it were sucking inside of it, and you have taken Lewis and you have accompanied again at the table. 

Only when we have looked at Lewis shocked in that way, we have understood, that we had to being sure of what we were doing.
We everybody, have thrown a glance toward Molly, and without say nothing, that question seemed so deafeaning, and the tiny fairy, with all her delicateness, have repeated: “It’s the only way. We have to deviate their way enter.”
We have remained in silence for a bit, but when she have brought something drink to Lewis, you and Jules, have finished break down that wall, and that black hole inside of it seemed vanish.

Lewis was staring at that black hole, and only when it seemed totally disappeared, we have been capable to see outside, the long grid that kept in safe that big wall of big stones in front of the left side of the building, and now that the portal was been sucked by another force, we everybody have looked at Molly who all her lightness was spreading her magical dust, and very quick, she have lifted an invisible wall, and so that part of the pub, it would be protected, but also they have would could seen anything or especially anyone from the outside, above all creatures who weren’t part of that town.

And now that that portal have been dismantled, we have looked at Jules  with only a name in mind, and unison we have pronounced it: “Maurice”.
Jules knew  being the only between us to communicate with the barman, and  we have looked at him with a bit anxious. 
While we taken sit close to Lewis we have remained in silence for a couple of minutes, while we looking at Jules’ eyes get bigger or smaller depending on the concentration, and after another minutes he have could say us: “He’s ok, he’s in the pub, but there is nobody. He’s fine. He said, he prefer to sleep in his room behind the pub, and tomorrow he will be ready to host those creatures, and as soon the maids will arrive, he will inform them.”
Jules said Maurice to look at himself around, and for anything call him, but Maurice knew how to behave, but however he have thanked him.

“Tomorrow we will return in Maurice pub, to see their reaction. Let’s get prepare ourselves” you have said looking at one by one ending to staring at me who i had with wide eyes open.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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