It was from two

Days that i was feeling your closeness stronger than ever. My soft punch in the stomach was growing always more. You had something to say me. I have waited for you and tonight you have came, after long time that you didn’t have made you see.

Maybe it’s true the universe wants us united in this strange way, but each time i remain breathless.
Late night when i seen you, my heart has exploded, and only few minutes i have realized all that.
I have loked at you so, breathless.
And now i feel your closeness around me in this solitary room.
I look at you straight into your sleepy eyes, and i can perceive something strong that tightening us, despite our distance.
I had said that you had something to say me, and here it is. I don’t go crazy. It’s a fact!
My heart is beating like a crazy.
I’ll be a witch as my dad have always called me, but one thing like this have happened few times in my life.
Perahps we are bonded by something stronger than we can figured.
Maybe it’s that tiny particle of Our Parallel World from where have born our magical connection.

If i think about it, a tearcan roll from my face.
Everything it’s so magical. I can perceive you before, and you surprise me just few days after.
It was long time that you haven’t made yourself see, and only after two days that i have feel your closeness stronger, you have arrived

It’s not a coincidence, no it’s something bigger.
I’m shaking, and i’m throwing away all the air from the lung to calm me.
And everything has happening with you.


Listen to it⇓⇓

⇐I feel

⇐It’s from

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