Clarified that thing, Molly have made us see what she had put down on that sheet of paper and what she had wrote regarding most of all  the pub of Maurice and those creatures who had occupied it.
You was looking at her, very curious, wanting to know where she would have go to end.

But for now, what she was explaining to us,  was flawless, and now her role of fairy was one of the most important. You have continued to staring her with your blue eyes, and ocassionally your glance have round into mine.
I was listening to her, and i have recognized me in her words, and i shy smiled her many times. 
Only after a bit, i have realized that you was staring my same determination in that wonderful fairy, and when you have hold my hand more into your, my glance have met your, and in a sigh, you have said: “Damn, you are two water drops!”

In those minutes in which we have remained alone at that table, Molly had planned, almost a perfect plan. It were miss some details, but generally it was what that everybody had to do following, and who was principally involve was Maurice.
Once break down the pub, Lewis had to settled better the local to host those creatures who would have wanted help us, and hiding the new changes, if some creatures of the portal had wanted check the pub, and for this was Jules have been assigneted to help Lewis.

There were other points to adjust, but in general the plan was that one.
To begin to go often to Maurice pub, make us see from those creature, and make them come the doubts of why their leaders haven’t came, and make them go in Lewis pub, and in someways make them change their mind, without get them suspicious, and that one was  hardest point. 

We knew that the pale creature, one of the first who had crossed the portal, have been send there to check that everything was going on their plan, but this was first that we had begin to break down the first wall of the Lewis’ pub, and without that he knew, we had overtuned every their plan, and from what we had seen with our own eyes, that creature, have could being scare anyone, but without orders from the high floors, he have could not do anything, only scaring the inhabitants of that city.

We had a great advantage. Thank to Molly, we had knew that within few the leader woud have came, and we have seen it few hours ago, and in your eyes there was still a bit of dread, but thank to those little pickaxe, we had deviate that time line. Now we had only to give others hit, to the Lewis’s Pub wall, to being sure to move away that portal in another direction, and send in confusion all those creatures, sure that someone important else wolud have come to give them precise orders.

So Molly have explained us her general plan, and she have looked at Maurice, who have would have to comeback in his pub in awaiting for that pale creature, and to inform who surely would have united to attempt with us blow up their plans.

Maurice had already another plan to don’t get suspicious, above all, that creature who had manipulate the whole pub, since when he have arrived there, and spread the news. Through his maids. 
He have tell us that they have could seemed also a bit stupid, but under their aspect, there was a shield, and only few times they had have annoy, and so they could move freely in that pub became that one that everybody knew.
An underworld pub.
When he was about to leave, i have stopped him for a while and gently, i have asked him: “How do you feel?”, touching him delicately. He have smiled me and sweetly he have replied he was ok. The effect of the Molly’ spell by now, was gone, and he could comeback toward that pub that he wasn’t no longer recognize as his, but it was the only place that made him feel at home.

Gone away, Molly have looked at us and without say nothing, she have made us understand what she wanted say before, and after a deep glance, we have nodded. It wasn’t only a personal fight between us and those creature, it have became a thing that was regarding everybody.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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