What i have said, it had overrwhelmed you and above all all those creatures who were looking at me speechless.
It was clear that i had said those things without think. 
It was impossible to defeat those creatures with only our forces, and you was looking at me, reasoning on what i had said.

We have been so lucky to defeat Raikin, in that situation, and now that none of us were wounded, now we could have creatures at our side who, for sure, would have give us their help, and perhaps convert some of those creature who have came from that portal and see the world in another point of view.
Those thoughts were running fast in your mind, while you was looking at me, and you was trying to make me reasoning without speak, but in a sigh Jules have asked you: “Who is Raikin?”, and as soon that name have came out from the Jules’ mouth, i have looked at you with wide eyes open, and that flows of nospoken words have crossed our minds, and for a long instants in that pub have fallen a silent that have scared everybody, even if they didn’t haven’t knew the whole story.

Now you was holding my hand, with your both, and with a soft whisper, you have said: “We have need of them!”
Molly have came closer to us, and she have sit next to me. 
“Since when the first creature have crossed the portal, it have became our business, we want peace and tranquillity, like you. They have invaded our territory. They will want defeat you, but they are entered in our dimension. Now it our business. It will be a thing born time ago with this Raikin, but now they are on our land. We hadn’t understant who they were and what they wanted, but but we never didn’t like them. They have taken the Maurice’s pub, and they have transformed it in what you have seen. We don’t like this. It even our business now! Now we want send them away. And we will do it with you.” said the fairy, looking at straight into my eyes.

In few sentences the smartness of Molly have pervaded everybody, and we could have say nothing against her speech, because everything she had said was right. And only when she have shared a quick gaze with everybody, her iridiscent wings have beating a bit stronger than usual and everybody, me included, by now, out of that crazy thought, we have cameback to the originary plan.
We could not do without their help, and this we had to admit even to ourselves, and the Molly’speech have been one of the convicents that we had could hear.

While Molly with the others was putting down a draft of the next plan, for a bit we have remained alone in that table, and without say a word, you have asked me why of that crazy idea that i had have. 
Looking at you, i have hold more your hand, and staring your fingers between mine, i have sighed: “I don’t know. I wanted kill that creature with all my force. When i have lifted the face and i have seen that creature closer to you, i have wanted that he enter, and i would hit him with all my strenght. I don’t know what have happened in my mind. Perhaps unconditionally, i have perceived, me too, that they have arrived just to kill us, and i wanted block him in that moment… i don’t know, really don’t know!” 

You have looked at me, understanding what i was feeling, because it would been your impulse if he had not hypnotized you. Then we have remained in silence for a bit staring at each other, while we have listening to the buzz of our friends planning what they have would do in the next hours.
And only when Jules, have meet your glances, he have called the others, and everybody have sat close to us, we have seen their conviction to do that thing with us, and everybody have nodded, looking at me who at end, i have shyly smiled, feeling your hand tightening mine. 

“Guys, you are fantastic. I don’t know what have happened to me earlier, perhaps it have been a way to escape from that situation, but thinking to what Molly have said before, she have right, it’s even an your business…” and so i have left the speech in suspended, and Molly have placed the sheet of paper in which she had wrote what we would have to do in those next hours.
We have looked at each other, then we have beckon to everybody a “Yes” of approvation, then you have thrown a glance toward Jules, and he shyly have have wanted know who was Raikin. 
We both, have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and slowly i have made him see the scar on my left leg, and he have looked at it with wide eyes open, and shyly he have asked me: “Did it he have made it to you?”
I shrugged nodding, and he have looked at you, and you have tighened me strong the hand.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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