I feel

Like a storm of emotion that overwhelm me. 
Your closeness is always closer.
I can feel your embrace around my belly, and my head is about to explode. 
Everything around me is become Our Parallel World. 

I have to throw away all the air from the lungs, because your closeness is closer than ever.

It’s wonderful what i’m feeling in these moments. You next to me, your arms around my belly and your words that only my soul can hear, but i can perceive them, and everything you are saying it’s the most wonderful phrase i can hear inside my heart that is beating like a crazy. 

It’s from yesterday that i feel everything is turning fast, and your closeness it’s here, and i can feel make itself always stronger.
You look at me and i feel your feel are the same. 
I thinking you, and something say me that even you are think a bit of me… only a bit, but this it’s enough for me.

I love you, and you make me feel well. I would like to let you know, i hope you know it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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