We everybody were looking at that something was goin clash something invisible, and the more it was going to crash, the more that portal was becoming always more something impassable.
We could see only black shadows surrounded by a multicolurs halo that trying to pass through that broken portal. 
At first look they seemed two or three creatures, but the more that shadow was trying to enter, we have could distinguish was only one.

It was one of the biggest creature that the portal would have made entered.
For an instant you have been able to share a quick glance with him, and right after he have vanished, but he have tried once again to break down the portal from to another corner, and this time,  you have found him just next to you, and those glance have been more continuos.
It seemed that he had been capable to find a way to go trough the portal, as soon as  you have met his glance closer, for a second, you was remained firm breathless. 

Everything around seemed disappear, and you have could hear his heavy breath, and it seeed he could strangle you, as much powerful his glance was. But only when you have heard my voice from far have became itself closer, everything, that muffled atmosphere around you have vanished, and only when my call have entered in your ears, you have came out from that bubble in which he have been capable to make you enter, and slowly you have enloganted your hand toward that invisible shield that there was between you and that enormous creature, and only when you have soft touched it, the image of that being have became wavy, and just from that litte gesture, you have undertand that he was still blocked inside that spiral, that was looking for expel it, but the more it was trying to, the more was breaking the portal always more.

Calling you sweetly, i have came closer and only when i have touched your shoulder, you have take off the glance from that portal that really slow was closing. You have looked at me and then you have thrown a glance to everybody. You was still shocked. I have could see it through your eyes, while i have accompanied you to sit, i have asked Molly to brig me a glass of water simple.
In your eyes there was still printed that image of that creature who have attempting enter.

When Molly have cameback with the glass, you have sighed: “For this time we have had lucky, but we have to study another plan. For how he have looked at me, he don’t will give up. He will find another way to enter. It’s ok demolish the main entrances, but it is not enough.” you have said looking at everybody. 
“Maybe it will not necessary, but we should inform some other, we can’t do everything only us. We are everybody here, and as Lewis told us, they are already many in town” i have added looking at Maurice, who knew what i wanted say.
But when i have ended, you have looked at me, and in a low tone you have said: “They don’t want destroy the city to conquer it as i have thought, no! They want destroy us. We wanted know their reason: it here it is.” 
Said that, you have muted everybody, and you was still looking at that wall, as hypnotized. 

We everybody, have looked at you astonished, but with seriousness, we were considering carefully your latest words. 
You have been the only one who have looked well at that creature closer, and when you have take the glance off from the wall, you have stared everybody first then you have looked at me, and then you have started.
“Since when we have answered to HIM to that question: «Where would you like live?» that they have tried to destroy us. They have almost made it with Raikin, but we know how it have ended. For them, we are the disturbing elements for their living balance.”
You had said that with wide eyes open, but we everybody knew they wrong. We had brought peace and tranquillity in each dimension in which we have been, and now that we had discovered this sad news, i wanted go on, but for surely i didn’t wanted involve creatures who didn’t have anything about with all this, and looking at you, i have tightened your hand placed on the table.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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