It’s from

I woke that i feel the soft punch in the stomach, and your closeness become always more close.
I have to throw away the air from the lungs, for don’t crazy.
The lump in the throat is killing me.

It was from long time that i didn’t feel your closeness around me so strong.
I’m shaking, and i know you are feeling it.
They are your arms around my belly, and our connection have began. 
Our minds are connected and we can feel each other, despite our distance. 
I can feel your arms are tightening me strong, and your voice is calling me sweetly.

Everything is making me going crazy. How is it possible that i can feel you so close to me. 
It’s Our Parallel World that make us feel so. 
My heart is beating like a crazy, but in my deep i can perceive also your is beating like a jackhammer.

Everything is so beautiful. It’s the emotion that i have start to feel since when our connection have began. 
I can’t stop to think to you in these hours, and i know that will happens something in the next hours. 
I have close the eyes for a moment, and i feel your arms around me always stronger.
You want say me something. My heart is beating stronger like your. 
We are so connected in these hours stronger than ever, and it was from long time that it haven’t happened.

Tell me, you are think the same feeling i’m feeling right now.
I have to throw away all the air from the lungs for don’t crazy.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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