Everybody in that pub, knew that i had right, above all Lewis who was looking at himself around, staring above all, that wall behind where usually he was sat when he had to being paid for his services.
He was looking at everybdy, one by one, as if  he give himself a reason to don’t break down the pub, but it was only a sense of forsaken, and when he have looked at each of us, with a small effort he have said: “Thanks everybody”.

Maurice who in meanwhile, he have took himself again and was understanding very slow, what was happening around him, with a kneaded voice, he have said: “It will be more beautiful and it will more safe.”
But Molly, have added something that none had thìnk about, and she have looked at us very serious.
“It’s true that the pale creature have said that in short time will arrive the leaders, but we have to break down it without that anyone realize that.”

We had listened to her with much attention, and only after she have ended, we had realized that she had right.
We had to start to demolish the local in small parts. And we had to demolish it all.
The walrus, also if he knew that the small fairy had right, had another question, but it was Jules to reply immediately.
“No Lewis, we have to demolish all. Even if we know the main portal it’s behind the pay desk… we don’t know  if in another part there is another portal.”
And when Jules have replied in this way, we have looked the Warlus, and immediately understand what was running in his big head.

Molly have got up, and she went to the storage room. When she have cameback, she had in hands two pickaxes, and you have looked at her with a little disappoiment, but what that she had  at her side was the time that was running fast, and above all she wanted block any entrance of those leaders. 
You have would wanted make Lewis digest the thing with much calm, but there was not time, and when Molly have looked at you, asking you mercy, throwing away all the air from the lungs, you got up and taking the pickaxe, you have said Lewis: “Forgive us!”

And when you have asked from where she wanted start, she have indicated the white wall behind the pay desk. 
Me and Jules have looked at you, in silence astonished.
When you have gave the first blow, even the big Warlus have jolted, and unconditionally, he have taken my hand, and we have shared a sweet glance.
Jules, seen that scene, have got up and he went to Molly, and without say nothing, he have looked at her, and the fairy have left do the rest to him.

Molly have sat next Lewis, and she have taken Lewis’ paw, who in those secondshave entered almost in trance and at each blow, he jolted. 
I have got up and with Maurice, finally taken himself again, went to take some baskets to collect the debris. 
Despite we were demolishing part of his pub, Lewis, at certain point, have left the Molly’ hold, and he have got up.
Everybody have stopped what they were doing, and have looked at him go to the entrance and with all calmness, he have turned the signboard, and instead of  the green “WE ARE OPEN”, he have turned in the red “WE ARE CLOSED”.
When he have turned, he have looked at everybody and with a calm tone, he have said: “We will say that we have found a loss of water”, and he have closed half  gate valve. 
When he have cameback to sit. there have been a silence that have petrified everybody, even the fairy have remained freezed, and only when he have looked at her, Molly have sighed his name.

I believe, only in those seconds Molly have understand, for Lewis how much hard have been look at the very first blow of pickaxe, and hear the wall crumbling under his eyes. And when her glance met your, with only the movement of the lips, she have asked: “Excuse me”.
I was collecting others debris, when i have lifted the face and i have seen that share of glance, and when she have asked you to forgive her, i stopped, and i have analyzed every your behaviour.
You had already forgive her, because  you knew that she was acting at favour to Lewis and not the contrary.

For a long moment you have looked each other, and you have stared at Lewis who was tightening the tiny hands of the fairy, but that moment have been interrupted by a big roar. 
The only two who had recognized that noise have been Molly and Lewis, and unison they have screamed: “The portal is about to open!” 

We everybody were scared. We had only begin to break the wall, and that noise have became always stronger.
We didn’t know what do.  By now, we had to wait the unavoidable.
But when that spiral of light have came closer always more, something got wrong.
That evening none have crossed the portal.”



Listen to it⇓




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