Now that, almost we had understand what have happened among those three creatures so different between them, we had to wait that the pale being came out from the pub, and waiting for Maurice have closed the pub, and make us tel what experienced he have lived. 
And only when Molly have cameback to us, have nodded, as if we had understand everything.

Jules was trying to explain us in the simpliest way possible, but he was so still excited, that in each sentence he was putting an exclamation or something that have underlined that or that one moment. He was looking at Molly surprised how she have been so clever to make Maurice reply in that way
And only when Jules have praised Molly smartness, we have totally understand that part’s game, and because she have moved herself away

But now, we everybody had to be careful to the pale creature, still thoughtful, and when he got up to leave the pub, he have thrown a glance toward Maurice, who was still washing the latest glasses under the counter’ sink.
When the pale thin creature, have left the pub, Jules have warned us to hid, and Molly have dragged us in that small corner where she have placed herself before, and with all our glances set on him, that slouching being who was leaving the pub.
Holding back the breathe, we have looked at him till his shadow have disappeared on the cobblestone street, then we have thrown a glance inside that lateral window, and we were seeing a Maurice standing still in front of the counter, with the water that it was still running in the sink. 

Checked better that there was anybody on that street, we have entered, and very slow, we have came closer to the counter. Maurice seemed hypnotized and confused, and when he have looked at us, it seemed that had seen ghosts, but when Molly have looked at us worry, she have said us: “It’s normal. It was from long that i didn’t have thrown this spell, but for being sure, i have wanted that he was under my total control, without that he had scared. In someway, he didn’t have realized what have happened, he have been only the medium. I have listened to what the pale creature have asked him, and throught his voice, i have been me to reply him. That’s why he so confused, he’s like had taken drug. But in short, he will taken himself again.”

And so, Molly have explained us with a such simplicity what Jules was attempting to explain us from before we entered in the pub.
Have been Molly to reply to those questions, and with the help of Jules skill, Maurice have replied without  difficulty to the pale creature.
Now, that we have knew how it really went, we were looking at Maurice still dazed, but little by little he was wakening from that numbness, and Molly immediately have taken one the biggest glasses and she have poured inside something strong from the shop window, behind the counter.

I have looking at him straight into his dark eyes, and delicately, i was asking him “How do you feel?”
He have stared at me for a bit in silence, and then he have smiled me, while Molly was elongating him that glass and she have said sweetly: ” Maurice you have to drink, you have need of liquids” 
Molly have looked at me and she have explained: “Even if  it don’t seem, he have consumed many energies. His body have been manipulate by two forces at the same time…”and she have left that explication suspended.

You was looking at Maurice in silence, and you have noticed that only in those seconds, he was taking himself again, and only a sparkle have brightened in his eyes, you have understand that the Molly’s effect was over.
And only when you have  looked at him,you have asked him: “Do you remember what have happened?”

Maurice have shared a general glance with everybody and have shaked his head, and with a trembling: “No”, have came out from his mouth, and he have shared a glance with everybody astonished.”


Listen to it⇓⇓





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