That evening the group was scattere a bit everywhere, but the only one closer to us was Jules. Molly have cameback to Lewis who have wanted know how it went, bujt what we everybody didn’t still know was that it wasn’t over, on the contrary. 
It was about to start right in those instants, and who was about pay the consequences was Maurice.

Just in those instants, the barman was about to sit in front of the pale creature, who was looking at each single movement of that tall thin and elegant being.
Jules who was capabable to read mind even from creatures far away from him, was hearing someone who was sighing a: “Someone help me”, and in short time, he have recognized the voice of Maurice, who by now, have sat in front of that being who was looking at him in silent. 

There were no time to waste, and Jules knew it. He was below our window, and he have though to thrown a stone toward it. Once, twice and to the third you have looked at out of the window and at only name of Maurice, you have made me understand that there was something wrong.
It was useless ask more: we had to go down, and reach Jules.

As soon go down we have looked at Jules and in the shortest sentence, he have said: “He is in front of the pale creature. The pub is empty!”
We have looked at each other, and we had the same thought: “We hadn’t to leave him alone, shit!”
Jules have looked at us with a sense of worry, and he have added: “At least we had to say him what he would had to say him”, we have stared him and hurry we have reached the Lewis’s Pub, where Molly was telling what have happened, but when she have looked at us enter, she have have stared at me, questioning what was happening, and i, as Jules, i said only Maurice’s name, and she have wided the eyes, leaving Lewis in the middle to the story she was telling, and embracing him strong, she have said: “This story haven’t ended!” and almost dancing in the air, she have spreaded her magical dust, and she have came with us.

“What’s was?” i asked her, regarding that dust. 
“Oh! that one… is only a protection dust… i spread it each time i leave the pub. and in these days it will be a thing that you will see often.” she have explain to me, flying a bit faster.
In that short walking, we had explained her what have happened, and i have ended: “We haven’t thought at this” and she have looked at me sweetly.

It seemed that she had already understand what do, once arrived in front of pub, and when we have arrived, we have could see the whole scene without being noticed by the pale creature, because he was givin the shoulders to the entrance, while we have could perfectly see Maurice, who was looking at himself around in searching of something to which hang.
Once in front of the entrance, with his black body, for a couple of times, he have obscured the light right above the glass door, and it was easy for Maurice notice him. 
With double blink, he have made Jules understand that he had seen him, and now everybody were waiting that happened something.

All of sudden we had noticed that Molly wasn’t no longer with us. We have looked at us around, but only you had seen she have moved away a bit. You had understand that she had to see the pale creature in part in face, and from where she have placed, she have could see his profile, and what he have would say or ask Maurice.
In those seconds there was a sharing of thoughts among Jules, Molly and Maurice. 
Too fast for make us understand what it would happened in those next minutes.
There, we were only audience, and we had to stay in silence, hoping that everything was going well.

The pale creature after maybe the longest second of the life of Maurice, have started to make those questions to which the barman, didn’t knew how to reply, but ended the first question, Maurice seemed possessed by something most powerful than him, but the more he was hearing what it have came out from his mouth, the more he have left it go till  that the pale creature have been satisfied of what he had as soon listened to.

When the pale creature have given Maurice the permission to go, the barman haven’t wait a second more, and he have taken again the tray with all the glasses and he have cameback behind the counter, then he have placed both hand on it, and he have throw away all the air from the lungs, while his eyes were still on that creature, sat at that table thoughtful.”


Listen to it⇓⇓





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