I have

Create a bracelet with turquoise stones, to bring your glance, your eyes everywhere i go, but these turquoise haven’t the beauty of your sweet glance.
Your glance is unique, and make me feel so calm. 
And i even feel your embrace around my belly. 
Your sigh words entering in me like sensual caresses, and it’s enough look at you that everything is transforming in Our Parallel World. 
I can remain so looking at at you for hours, even without say nothing and it would be ok for me.

With you everything is so simple, while our emotions surrounding us, and they make us feel close despite our real distance. 
I think again to that visualization of the other day..
Our bond is something magical, and even  if we don’t know each other personally, something it tells us that that thread that have united us five years ago, is becoming always stronger, and it wants us always more united.

I look at you sttraight into your eyes, and i can see your wonderful soul. 
You are everything i have wished, and now you are in front of me.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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